I'm getting a little bored. I realize that this is that middle section of the series, and that I usually get bored somewhere around this point, so I am true to form.
Ack with the blurring of 'treasure trails' and boob slippage and butt cracks.
Ack with the painfully thin, and the robustly muscled.

Slightly more of Eric was shown during the recap so we can all work on getting to know him.
Dave has gone home. May his fire pit live on. John Who have slept well without Dave, but Frosti is worried about Fay Long and how strong they are. Sherea is feeling a little bored and wants some drama. She tells us as much.
Eric and Jaime are getting friendly whilst having a soak. So friendly that Eric confesses to Jaime that he is a virgin. We should all note that Jaime doesn't have a good poker face. Running on the premise that being a virgin makes him trustworthy, Jamie tells Eric about the immunity idol. I wonder if Eric made the whole thing up.

At Fay Long, James tells us that he and Denise are the hardest workers. I'm in love with James.
He also says that he finds her attractive. I'm wondering if his vision should be tested.

A boat brings a message asking the team(s) to choose two people from the other side to have come live with them.
Fay Long choose Frosti and Sherea, who they deem the strongest players. They wonder who will be chosen from their team to go live at John Who.

John Who get the same note and they choose James and Aaron to come live with them. In a stroke of gargantuan stupidity, the team believe that they will now have seven players and, therefore, be stronger. When Sherea hears that she has been chosen to go she cries. "We were real dumb," she tells the camera earnestly.

James tells us that he is going to have to work his way into the system of his new team. He is sincere about his contributions. I still love him.
Jean Robert sneaks in a quick chat with the team before the new people join them. He stresses that they should be quick to vote off the new members in an effort to save his own ass and to make the team stronger before a merge.
James and Aaron arrive and a party basket is given to the team.
James explains his work ethic.

Sherea and Frosti arrive at their new team. Todd is very excited - new people to manipulate.
Sherea wants to fit in. She's going to 'step it up.' Frosti is busy trying to figure things out.

The next morning, Jean Robert tells people what to do. People are disgruntled with him. Sherea sees her opportunity.

Day 14 finds John Who soaking in the lake while James works. Aaron points out that James will be bad to have around after the merge and suggests that James may be an 'immunity hog.'
PG and Jaime start talking about how future votes might go.
I'M BORED. But not too bored to hear PG discuss throwing the next challenge to get rid of the new players.

It's challenge time, and, to my amazement, some team members HAVE NEW BATHING SUITS.
I guess we are through with looking at men in wet boxer briefs and Sherea's filthy bra will just be a fond memory.
Chinese disks are trapped in a cage deep under the water. Team members must pull bamboo rods out of the cages to release the disks which are then carried in a wee little boat to the shore and put on puzzles.
The swimmers work hard to retrieve the disks but as soon as they are on shore it is clear that PG and Jaime don't give a crap.
Fay Long win, James is pissed.

At camp James gives PG hell while Jaime cracks up. She is just laughing laughing laughing.
Away from the action, the girls tell Eric that they threw the challenge. He's amazed. He trusted them and they didn't tell him they were going to do it. Jaime wants to vote Aaron off first. I start to worry for James.
James tells PG that Aaron deserves to stay, that he should go first.
I get all worked up.
Off to tribal they go.
The throwing of the challenge is discussed.
I freak out.
Jaime confesses and giggles and I want to slap her.
Aaron gets sent home.
James is ready to rumble.
And I have renewed interest in watching next week.


Amy A. said…
I don't like Jamie anymore.

And I think they should have had to win their bathing suits, but I'm not sad to see the crack go. "Just say NO!"
alice c said…
James is the gravedigger - right? - I'm glad he has a good work ethic - so important in a cemetery.
RW said…
That was a good twist at the end. We were a little sad thinking James is going to go... we like James.
Badger said…
James is mine so back off.

I hate John Who. They are like the stupidest tribe EVER.

Am now hoping for a James & Frosti F2. Or throw in the mullet chick if there's F3.
Anonymous said…
I love your Survivor re-hashes every week. Iam thinking the same things most of the time. I just want Jean-Robert to go. The sight of his disgusting body is a major turn off.
Paula said…
I believe James said "I find this (not her) attractive" as in a hard working woman is attractive.

Love James!

I assumed the swimwear was provided so the film editors did not have to go frame by frame to add the modesty blur.
I so rarely watch TV programmes from the States. When I do though I am always struck by how much they are censored by your networks.
Chris said…
I am bored too :(. I hope the merge provides more excitment.

So glad to see swimwear!