random for Thursday

I love doing laundry you know.
And there are so many products to choose from.


I'm enamoured of this one -

tide 1

It's Tide that's meant to look like a natural laundry detergent. Don't get all aggravated with me, I use natural products too, but I change things up sometimes and this Tide is lilac scented. For maximum scent efficiency I would also use this -


I haven't been able to find the Tide. Only the Downy. But it's good to have goals, don't you think?

It seems to me that the whole world of scented/flavored products has exploded.
Didn't there used to be just one flavor of toothpaste?


Now it comes in vanilla. The thought of it makes me a little queasy.


Middle played in a parade. Look at him sneaking up into the tuba player's space so I couldn't photograph him. Badger, this is your future.

K fried up some catfish the other night...


which he put into wonderful po' boy sandwiches.


I like this bag from Sundance.

<span class=

I don't need a new bag. But I like it anyway.

And speaking of things I don't need but like...

scarf2 but best

I love the tiny illustrations on this scarf.

I'm thrilled to be able to wear my favorite cold-weather outfit again.


Looking back over the summer, I realized that we actually did use our new patio more than I thought we would.


We still have more stones to place, but, for the most part, it has worked out nicely.

With the cooler weather, the dog has become despondent.


We treated her, all summer long, to a few cherry tomatoes a day. Alas, the plant pushed out many wonderful crops and died. She still stands by the barrel we had them planted in, waiting and hoping.

This too shall pass.


Carol said…
Hey - I thought you didn't like the dog!
Anonymous said…
Accidentally bought a travel size of that vanilla toothpaste (wasn't paying attention) and when I went to use it, got it in my mouth and almost puked. Disgusting!
MizMell said…
I am using the lilac-scented Tide. I bought it because it was marked down.

The scent is light--and makes the blanket on the couch, that JB and Blue seem to prefer, smell fresher much longer.
Geggie said…
All, poor baby dog. She's so cute. I use, and love, BioKleen laundry detergent. Although I do hate it when products names are not spelled correctly.
Unknown said…
That catfish is making me salivate.
Stephanie said…
-Those po'boys look delicious.
-love the scarf, too
-your cold weather outfit looks both cute & comfy
-have a good thursday!
Saoirse said…
It's Klear: K kan kook!

soooooo: kookbook news?!

(just keeping the improperly spelled product thing goin')
RW said…
I am using that Tide; it was on special. I quite like it. You know, I never put much thought into laundry detergent until I "met" you!
Anonymous said…
Your patio is beautiful. I especially like your stacked stone walls. Did you guys do them?
Anonymous said…
and you say you don't like the dog....
islaygirl said…
bb, thank you so much for the picture of the dog. i have a friend who's daughter once left a sandwich on plate in the middle of the floor where the dog discoverd and ate it. 12 yrs later, the dog still goes there and waits. now that's hope.

also, i LURVE Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day laundry stuff in Lemon Verbena. it's owned by some conglomerate, but it's all natural and really works. (did you know there are ANIMAL products in typical dryer sheets? bizarre.)
islaygirl said…
umm, grammar check. WHOSE daughter.
alice c said…
1. Those sandwiches look divine
2. Love that bag
3. Dishwasher looks stylish.
4. Pore li'l dawg - it looks as though cherry tomatoes are the ultimate treat for beagles.
Is that first photo of your laundry room? :-)

How do you think the men in your house would like lilac-scented clothes?

And, vanilla toothpaste? Narsty.
Amy A. said…
I tried the new citrus tide and promptly went back to the cheap stuff. But I do love the lavendar/vanilla downy fabric softener, Yum!

Your food always looks so good.
BOSSY said…
Love the wintery outfit - yummy cozy - but love the kitchen behind it more. Can Bossy have one?
Suse said…
That's a great bag and it would go well with your cold weather outfit. Speaking of which, is that a certain black pashmina I spy in that outfit ;)

And I LOVE the patio. I wish I could sit there and drink tea with you. One day.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I get so confused by all of the different types of toothpaste. I just want old fashioned regular tasting Colgate, but with tooth whiteners. But damned if I can figure out which box THAT's in. Vanilla? Ugh.
Anonymous said…
Ooo! I ADORE that scarf! Tres chic!
Anonymous said…
I do look forward to your laundry days. When you are not washing, I read A Guide to Laundry-work: A Manual for Home and School written in 1915 by
Mary Davoren Chambers and available through Google Books. She takes a similar interest in the products and process, though there are no illustrations.
Anonymous said…
I love grizzled old dogs.

I don't understand what you are wearing on your bottom parts. (Ha! I said "bottom") What are those? Gauchos? Culottes? What?
tut-tut said…
Nice mix! Have a nice weekend.
Paula said…
I never met a bag I didn't like, it can be a problem.

And your pup? Too sweet.
Karla May said…
Mmmm catfish.
scarlettm said…
I know, I know - I lurk AND post late. But where is that scarf from? It's great.