old favorite

The first song Oldest loved.


Badger said…
What does it mean that I knew EXACTLY which video/song this was just from the little still picture that YouTube had up there before I clicked the play button? I think perhaps it means I watched way too much MTV back when they actually played music videos.
TheOneTrueSue said…
He really needs to pluck his eyebrows. My brother used to listen to this song constantly, so now it makes me twitch a little.
How odd. I was JUST listening to this album THIS week.
Unknown said…
Another favorite of mine. This album never gets old.

Your sons' exquisite taste in music is merely a reflection of what great taste you & K have.

How else would they have heard these fabulous songs as such early, tender ages?
Sarah Louise said…
Peter Gabriel looks so young! I like the blue sky part where he looks like one of the Blue Group. (Who am I kidding, the whole thing is music video genius--right now the raw chicens are dancing...) I remember hearing this song on vacation in Honesdale, PA in a variety/hardware store and now whenever I hear this song, that is the image in my mind.

Very cool.

my vw is pssurd, which I'm going to translate as peter gabriel is absurd.