It's Kim's fault

I'm sure many of you read Kim's blog for the recipes, or the photos of her sweet boys, or her dry wit, but I read many blogs for shopping tips.
Last week, buried in all of the above, was a wee link to my new favorite place.
It even has a good name, don't you think? All warm and comfortable and much easier to type than Anthropologie.
Unfortunately, there is no TOAST store in Tuvalu.
Fortunately, there is the internet.
And so, I embarked upon an imaginary shopping trip. (insert dreamy music and soft focus here)

First, I'd buy a pair of these -

Picture 4

you can never have enough fingerless gloves, I say.

Picture 5

I THINK I want a pair of these. Do I want a pair of these?
Can they be worn in snow and slush?

Picture 6

These are beautiful. I don't think I could wear them in snow or slush - but I still love them.

Picture 7

On a positive note: this is the kind of coat I like.
On a negative note: this type of coat rarely looks good on me.

Picture 8

A good party dress. I have no invitations, and, as my mother would say, I'm not especially comfortable with my upper arms.

Picture 9

This scarf goes with everything I own. Unless it itches.

Picture 10

This is a great cardi. I have two or three big cardis like this and I wear them all winter but they've gotten ratty looking.

Picture 11


Picture 12

Our towels are ratty too. I'd like to try a couple of these linen basket weave towels. If we re-take our wedding vows, do people bring us wedding gifts? (we would NEVER)

Picture 13

My off-white flannel bathrobe is much more off than white at this point.

Picture 14

Very pretty. I would like to switch my decor to be all Japanese zakka-like. Don't hold your breath.

Picture 15

I still hate my slippers-which-will-not-die. I'll take a pair of these.

So that's it.
I need some toast.


Stephanie said…
Who is Kim? I don't get out much.

Can't wait to go look at Toast!

One time I saw a vintage aluminum cover that said "TOAST" on it. You know, like a cake cover, for toast. Someone else grabbed it. Ahhhhh!

(my word verification was a secret message for tonight, I think: hsexpm)
Anonymous said…
There's nothing better than Blunnies in ice and snow! Hard to imagine since they're actually attractive. I wouldn't part with mine if you paid me (well, maybeeeee...)
Anonymous said…
I made a new rule. When you have been married 25 years everyone you know must throw a shower and get you new towels (because some of mine looked like car wash rags) and flatware (because all the salad forks have accidently been thrown out) and cereal bowls (beause half of them went to college with my daughter)
So pretty, all of it.

The Blundstones are perfect for crappy wet weather. I'd love to have a pair. The other books are nice too. I love the black and white dress, but I'm thinking it shows a lot of cleavage. The black coat rocks.
Jan said…
Oooh. My kind of place.
Anonymous said…
I recognized that gray dress as being your style even without ever having me you. Personally I love big cardis -- swatching to knit one right now.

Excuse me, I have to go to Toast right now...
Suse said…
I threw out a heap of our ratty (engagement presents and wedding presents) towels just today! Well I didn't throw them out, they're in a bag about to go to the local vet who uses them for her animals.

Time for some nice new chocolate coloured ones. Thick and fluffy.
Eliane said…
You definitely need a pair of Blundstones, everybody has them in Canada. They are not very water tight though. But soft and comfortable. Very cool with shorts when they look totally worn.
Dani said…
Someone needs to tell K that you've conveniently posted your Christmas list right here on your blog for him. :)

Anonymous said…
I've had Blunnies for over 12 years, however they are not good in ice and snow. They slip and slide and the leather is made to be breathable and cool on the foot; they're Austrailian work/gardening boots. I wear them constantly, but they're definitely not snow boots.
KPB said…
Dude, if you want some Blunnies send me your size and I'll post you a pair.

"I'm not especially comfortable with my upper arms" sounds so much nicer than my normal comment about my own upper arms "I have bingo wings, I must have sleeves".