how Wednesday was

I know you've all missed my text posts so I thought I'd fill you in on what I did yesterday.

6:30 am - got up, made lunches. Woke the boys. Put a load of laundry in the wash. Drank Italian coffee, chatted with K.

7:30 - drove boys to school.

7:40 - moved laundry to dryer, posted, read blogs. You people don't post early enough.

7:55 - ironed a shirt for K, took a shower.

8 something - drove K to train station.

8 something later - let the phone company man into the backyard.

9ish - drove to surgeon's office to drop off forms to apply for reimbursement for 'trip interruption.'

9:37 - back in car, decide I will take a circuitous route and take a walk through Anthropologie to soothe my senses.

9:47 - become hopelessly lost.

9:57 - get a call from Middle, he has the next three and half hours off and would like me to pick him up.

10:07 - still terribly lost.

10:37 - whilst traveling in unknown territory, make a mental list of 08 car models with navigation systems for under $40,000.

10:47 - call Middle back. Tell him I have found a landmark and will be at the school in 15 minutes.

11:05 - retrieve Middle.

11:07 - home again. Fold laundry, put in another load.

11:10 - talk to K. First meeting very productive.

11:15 - check blogs.

12:00 - fold more laundry.

12:45 - take Middle back to school. Go to bank.

1:00 - talk to K. Second meeting is the first in a long series of meetings in the future.

1:05 - watch All My Children.

2:00 - pick K up at train.

2:10 - chat with K, fold laundry.

3:00 - pick Middle and Youngest up from school.

3:19 - Oldest is home, chat with him about his trip.

3:30 - take Youngest to buy a book for a friend's birthday.

5:00 - home. Time to drink.

5:10 - Youngest tells me he has purchased the wrong book.

Do you need anymore?
Thank god the heat has broken.


Sinda said…
Rather, I wish I had your day...sounds great to me.
Sarah Louise said…
the heat has broken here too!
alice c said…
Memo to self:
Must do more laundry if wish to raise myself to next level of self-awareness.
Joke said…
At first glance, the 1:05 entry had me thinking that you were supervising your offspring.

Saoirse said…
Let's hope THIS post goes through...

I just bought a Garmin c330 (trip navigator, gps thingy) as I am ALWAYS getting hopeless lost. My job requires me to travel to different ends of the state on a regular basis and I can't tell you how many times I was driving aimlessly... Soooo, I've had this thing for two weeks and it has been absolutely AMAZING. (I bought it for $240=ish at the super-giant, amazing big box "Mart" store) Without it, I would be, once again, LOST!
Geggie said…
How do you find time for all of these creative posts. Unless, of course, you're creating the posts during All My Children.
Except for the getting lost and watching "All My Children" things, your day sounds like many of mine.
Anonymous said…
just another normal crazy day i see....
and yes, heat has finally broken...i think i'm happy about that....
Nora :) said…
I second the add-on GPS suggestion. I have a Magellan, purchased at a big-box retailer, and it's changed my life. I think mine was $200?
Annagrace said…
Oh man, I'll trade you--heat for early (cold) rain. And even if I did post early, it would be later your time, so...I'll just have the cat do an evening post.
Unknown said…
The heat has broken here too. We had temps at night in the high 60's. It was wonderful. Now we're in the low 40's during the day. Brrr! Congrats on your three year anniversary. Loved your visual posts.
MizMell said…
I used to post early but now have found I use that early morning time for (unfinished) homework.
I'll just have to do better...

(And please check yesterday's post--It is good for a belly laugh)
Anonymous said…
I found the most exciting part to be the moving of the laundry.
Amy A. said…
I need to move more laundry.

RE: 7:40... Unlike some of us, your posting is like clockwork, for which we are very thankful.

p.s. Survivor Night!!
Stephanie said…
hi bb, I just tagged you on my blog. No worries if that isn't your thing. :)
Anonymous said…
I loved the photo posts - I would imagine that it was fun to figure out the texture, setting, and words to communicate to all of us.

Good job, you.
Unknown said…
Sounds a lot better than most of my recent days have been!

Words or photos, it's still worth coming to see what's going on in the world of bb. Thanks for 1617 reasons to keep coming back!
Anonymous said…
It's all nice, visual or running around and get lost.
Because it's SO you.