our environment

A good environment is probably the result of a slow accumulation of things which you like, chosen for good reasons... They should be made to last, visually and physically, and work well in any environment. They should be a pleasure to live with.
Jasper Morrison


I've shown you these before. Clay eggs. I admired them and my SIL threw them in a bag and handed them to me. They feel nice in my hand.


I have more of these jars and, god knows, many more corks available - this collection could be expanded.


Chairs and dead flowers.


Acorns symbolize a long life. We carry these in our pockets when we travel. I make my own superstitions.

math use

The big board is covered with math right now. It could be Urdu to me...fortunately K can help with homework.


Shells from a trip to Saint Croix in 1979. Please ignore the dust on the jars. Dust circa 2004.


Soon to be soup, the French pumpkin, from the French farm nearby, rang up at $80, $300 and $3200 before the cashier found the error. Final price? $30.00.
I think I'll make pie today.

books and ribbon

French officer's braid and good books (sensing a theme?). A concertina from my walking buddy, a bee skep from my sweetheart and a scale of unknown origin.

I always admire the clean, pared down rooms in magazines. I turn the pages thinking I'll go home and sweep the mantle of it's objects, the tables of their dishes of shells - but I never do it.
Fortunately, I have stopped purchasing new objects for decorative purposes.
But there are still a lot of shells and stones out there for me to tuck in my pocket....


Badger said…
I had to move to get rid of my clutter. But at least your clutter is pretty.

My girl child collects corks. She took her collection to school one day, and now her teacher knows what a lush I am. That parent-teacher conference this week should be fun!
Sarah Louise said…
I love shells. I thought I had three corks, but oh my, that was a little bit from a very complex dream I had last night. I was even going to offer to mail them to you...

it doesn't feel like Thursday here, but I wish it was. Tuesday is my longest day.
MsCellania said…
I like your collections. Dust and all. Just like mine.
We had a Halloween party for Youngest's classmates here yesterday, and I heard Oldest remark, in his best Older Brother tone, to one of the students "That's lava and coral from the Big Island, of course." as students were feeling their way through our nature table. And the other little guy said "Ah." just like two wise, old men!
RW said…
Tuesday is our new Thursday - we have nothing scheduled after school nor in the evening. This knowledge changes the whole day.
Paula said…
Dale carries the acorn you gave him in his pocket everyday dear bb.
Donna said…
I love the idea of carrying an acorn in your pocket when you travel and of making your own superstitions.

My father always carried a silver dollar and a token good for a cup of coffee at his favorite diner. He never spent either and now they live with me. He told me that they made him feel secure, like he could take care of the basics at any time. I guess I come by the love of superstition honestly.
It's all lovely.

Does French pumpkin taste different than American?
She She said…
My MIL used to collect corks. I asked her why, and she said she was going to string them together to build a raft and float away on it. I love the eggs.

At the moment, I collect dust bunnies and children.
Pretty Things said…
I love the eclectic mix of things!!!! Very cool
~ej said…
the eggs are fabulous, i just want to hold one.
i like the bottle of corks...very interesting way to display them :-)
Unknown said…
I meant to ask, what's a bee skep? Am I being dense?

WV is iawaoh. How I'm feeling: I.. a...wa? oh.
MizMell said…
I really thought I had left a comment on this post yesterday...Didn't I mention how I have saved a bushel basket of wine corks to redo the basement bathroom?
Is my comment out here somewhere?