food meme

I was tagged by Stephanie. I love being tagged.

You are supposed to take each letter from your name and give a little food fact to go with it.

Like this:

B - brioche. Can you believe I've never had a brioche? I'm going to try to do something about it this weekend.

L - lychee. I only like lychee flavored candies, not the real things.

A - acorn squash. I've never cooked it.

C - corn. My favorite veg. I like it creamed, frittered, in a pudding or on the cob.

K - my favorite cook.

B - biscuits. I've made them from scratch and I've made them from the can. The can is easier.

I - ice cream. Phish Food is pretty good.

R - raspberries. I don't like them. All those teeny seeds. Too tart.

D - donuts. Should be spelled doughnuts. I like them but they don't like me. I would like a cider donut right this minute - and since I'm going apple picking today, I just might get one.


MsCellania said…
Have Fun! We may go pumpkin pickin' today.
Joke said…
I am SO with you on that d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t thing.

I mean, SO.

Anonymous said…
that you didn't put bacon for the B......

Anonymous said…
Phish food and Chubby Hubby are my favourite when I visist Tuvalu. Needless to say we don't have B&J here.
But I LOVE raspberries.
And You MUST have a brioche. LIek NOW.
Enjoy your apple picking, wihs I could join...
islaygirl said…
i'm so jealous of apple picking. i grew up in New England where we did it every fall, and now in Arizona, the last place where you could even pretend to apple pick closed a couple of years ago. have a cider doughnut for me. xx
Stephanie said…
I have ALWAYS wanted a cider donut. I see them in the magazines every year...must find one.

Thanks for playing. :)
TheOneTrueSue said…
I love sweet corn on the cob.
KPB said…
Well we spell them as doughnuts.

But I have never even heard of cider doughnuts.

And my head is still hurting from that Giardia character with the teeny body and ginormous head making them out of pizza dough.

And apple picking sounds incredibly cathartic.
~ej said…
mmm, doughnuts...and i keep hearing about cider doughnuts....
Unknown said…
Wow. I cannot believe that you have never cooked acorn squash (i thought you'd done everything!). How have you survived Thanksgiving? Well, I am sure that still, you have done many things that i have never done. That was interesting. ciao!