at this point, the meat hats are grossing me out too


Isn't this a creepy picture of Celine Dion?
Good for Halloween, I guess.

I'm not a big Halloween fan.
I was totally into it when I was a kid, but, somewhere along the line, I lost enthusiasm. My dad did die on Halloween, but that part's incidental.
When did Halloween become Christmas Part One? (I stole that line from a comedian.)

People around here go CRAZY with decorations, which is fine, but the stores have been flooded with Halloween crappe for over a month now and in the shops near my house it's just being edged out by the Santas and glittery garland.

Okay. Rant over.

Youngest nails

Youngest has been to two Halloween parties and still has one more to attend.
He's being a goth-y vampire and has very realistic fangs.
His friends, who are girls, have had a wonderful time doing his makeup and nails and I tailored a black turtle-neck to his specifications.

essential reading

I've already told you about the other boys...

I'm STILL researching cars, exteriors only at this point, but I'm noticing a pattern.

Honda Element

Nope. I need normal doors.

Buick Enclave

This new Buick Enclave is popular around here. I think Enclave is a funny name for an SUV but Buick didn't discuss it with me.
I'm sorry, but I don't see me in a Buick. I wouldn't really rather have a Buick. When I think Buick, I think of this -

Buick Regal

a big fat sedan belonging to a person of a certain age.

<span class=

And I'm afraid that the Cadillac Escalade leaves me with the wrong impression too. A different wrong impression.


You don't see me in a Lincoln Navigator do you?
Didn't think so.


Getting one of these and carrying my green shopping bags in it would just be FUNNY, wouldn't it?

Chevy <span class=

This is just silly.

This is too -

PT Cruiser

<span class=


Subaru changed this -

<span class=

into this -

Subaru <span class=

which was smart. But they left the interior looking like THIS.

Subaru <span class=

I think it's ugly.

Where was I?

I know, folding the laundry.


might I add...? said…
Have you considered a hybrid? I posted a comment eons ago (when I was still lurking) about how much I loved my Prius. I finally understand why people like SUVs; with all the stuff I find I have to carry for the baby, I can only imagine the stuff grows exponentially with the age of the kid.

But seriously, I love getting over 50 mpg. Well, J gets around 57 mpg, and I usually get just under 50, closer to 47-48. Especially when gas is around $3/gallon. Something to consider. And I know they're making hybrid SUVs these days. I can't speak about how good or cool-looking they are, because it'll be a while before our current cars are even paid off, much less before we start looking for a new one. But hybrid is the way to go. There are even tax write-offs for some.

Have fun with your search!
Someone has apparently photoshopped the hell out of Madame Dion.

And it's a sad day when your youngest boy has a nicer manicure than the rest of us.
Badger said…
You have NO IDEA how many a-holes down here are loading their green shopping bags into the backs of Hummers on a daily basis. NO IDEA.
Anonymous said…
Okay...first...when i saw trhat poic of celine on itunes i thought it was a man. seriously. very very scary for someone YOUNGER than me.

second. that buick i might add has become the car for this generations caddie driver of the previous generation. get that. my neighbour has one, in black, we used to call him cadillac man for obvious reasons say no more.

i test drove the hummer, toyota land cruiser, chevy ssr, pt cruiser, honda element and the subaru, all in prep of my pickup purchase, i so wish that i had a word of advice for you. i shall ponder, but you seem to have hit the big choices.
Unknown said…
I find all photos of Celine Dion rather terrifying. That one particularly, though.
Carol said…
Chris says you should check out the Acura MDX or the new Mercedes 4 door wagon/SUV thing...I'm going to their site now.
Carol said…
okay we found two - the Mercedes R350 and the GL320. We are dreaming through you!
Saoirse said…
My Dad died on April Fool's Day...

I'm the same with you as far as Halloween goes....

In 2 years from now, when my son (hopefully) graduates from college, I will FINALLY get rid of my piece o' crap car and get something nice. Prior to reading about your volvo troubles, I was coveting one. Now, we shall see....

I'm enjoying the armchair car shopping, though....
Anonymous said…
Two good things about an SUV.
When your knees get old and arthritic you just slide on and off the seat and don't have to push yourself into a standing position. And you don't have to rent a UHaul when the kid moves in and out of 3 apartments in 15 months.

I'm loving my Mitsubishi Montero.
Oh, a third thing. Ginormous warehouse shopping trips.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I want the Lexus SUV hybrid. Love.
KPB said…
Seeing that steering wheel on the left hand side just made my stomach lurch, like some sort of OH GOD I'M FALLING vertigo. Or something. Weird huh.

I actually liked that lego-like Toyota. Boxy. Considering I drive a brick with wheels it's probably highly predictable.
MizMell said…
Not much on the SUVs... You can haul kids in anything, you know.
Check out the new saturns. They are ultra relaible and get great gas mileage.

I have my eye on the new Saturn Sky...
KPB said…
Oh, and Celine scares me period. SCARY.
Shinny said…
I just bought a Mitsubishi Outlander. It only fits 5 though so depending on how many of the boys friends you have to haul around, it may not work. Can't hurt to look into it though. They also have the Endeavor, next size up which I think you can get the third row seating in. I never really looked into those as it is way more vehicle then I need. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
I am adoring Youngest's hands.
So many cars...I am waiting to see what you'll pick out.
Or I could ship you my 500, you'd do wonders in it!
Anonymous said…
With gas at $3/gallon )and in the long run it is only gonna go higher), I'd say go for a hybrid or at least something that gets 30+ mpg. Then you can hold your head up in public, which is something those Hummer drivers cannot.
Unknown said…
We had SUV's but I rolled one and almost flipped another, so now its station wagons and maybe after this a four door midsized sedan. I will absolutely never own another suv.
alice c said…
Every single one of those cars look like stretch limos to me. I pay £1 per litre of diesel which is equivalent to $8 per gallon (very roughly - depends on how low the dollar is). At that price you want to walk most places.