apple picking

We go apple picking every year.
We trudge up, 2 hours or more, to the mountains, and enjoy the views and the foliage and the crisp autumn air. We brave traffic and an even longer ride home with our apples in tow. They seem fresher and more crisp and delicious than those we buy at the supermarket.
In recent years, my apple-picking group has been less enthusiastic. This year, everyone was busy with something else as apple season rapidly drew to a close.
And so, last Saturday, Youngest was planning to spend the day with friends, Middle was going into town and Oldest and K were off to work (in different places) when my mom and I had made plans to PICK APPLES, DAMN IT.

As everyone bailed out on me, I realized that there must be a closer, easier place to harvest apples and, armed with internet information, I planned a trip to a much closer orchard.
Mom and I set off, after dropping Middle off at the train station, for apple picking near the sea.

We had an easy drive - much shorter than usual, filled with comfortable conversation, and arrived at a gorgeous ocean-side town. There, amidst tall privet hedges and gorgeous shingled homes, we followed the signs to the farm.

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Under puffy clouds and clear sunshine, in a stiff cool sea breeze, we picked apples.
The trees were dwarf apple trees - no stretching or stumbling.
The farm was picturesque in a different way than the one we visit in the mountains.
But the apples were just as beautiful and even more abundant.


Mom and I strolled through the rows of apples. There were a few other families there, but it wasn't crowded, and staff members were always nearby to discuss the merits of each apple and where to find them.

apple trees

The walkways were wide and beautifully cared for.
It was less of a working farm than the one in the mountains, and idyllic in a different way.


regarding apples

After a short time we had picked what we wanted.
Mom treated me to the finest turkey club sandwich (the perfect mix! turkey! bacon! lettuce!) at a local diner.
It wasn't an arduous drive home, in fact, it was relaxing.

So, if anyone is interested next year, I think we have a new apple-picking destination.


What beautiful photos, especially with the puffy clouds. If Tuvalu weren't so darn far away, I'd drive up just for the apples.

And I see that Mother Blackbird is wearing all black. I can only conclude that she's extremely hip.
Susie Sunshine said…
Hi, Mrs. Blackbird! You're looking well. Is the skirt you wore to your granddaughter's wedding taking up to much space in your closet yet? No?!
How about now?
TheOneTrueSue said…
Lovely pictures. We're off to the pumpkin patch this afternoon, ourselves...
Annagrace said…
Those apples look like lovely specimens indeed--and how nice to have them at waist level! Next year is my year of fruit-picking and jam and sauce making (now that I have a decent-sized kitchen). Can't wait!
Badger said…
So. How do you like them apples?

(What? It needed to be said.)
Amy A. said…
Shoot, badger beat me to the punch.

Your mom looks so chic in her apple picking outfit.

Now you will have to show us what you make with your abundant apple supply.
BabelBabe said…
THAT'S what your mom wears to go apple-picking? She should never ever meet me - she would be appalled at my utter lack of sartorial sensibility.
tut-tut said…
Nice to have an idyllic afternoon with your mother, just the two of you.

There's a name for the way those trees have been trained, but I can't think of it at the moment (it's French, though).
christine said…
tut-tut --
Espalier is the horticultural technique of training trees through pruning and grafting in order to create formal "two-dimensional" or single plane patterns (according to wikipedia)
Anonymous said…
There used to be an apple-picking orchard about 5 minutes from here, but they sold their land, and their orchard, for a gazillion dollars to somebody who's going to build lots of expensive houses there. We haven't gone apple-picking since.

The good news is: these particular apple farmers will have a comfortable retirement.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Is it an organic orchard by any chance?

Joke said…
Wait! The foodies in the audience need to many apples? What kind?

Dammit, woman, the suspense!

MizMell said…
Looks like a nice day for apple picking as well. I remember the entire family picking apples, and then peaches from a local orchard here. We'd make a day of it, but we had to CLIMB. You lucked out there.

What are you planning on doing with those apples? If you have 12 bushel, I have an apple butter recipe for you...
KPB said…
I'm with Joke.

That the trees have been trelised is delicious in itself (hahaha geddit, delicious... oh nevermind)

I recall some other event you went to with your Mum and she was impeccably (if not over) dressed. But I'm with BabBab - I'd be known by your Mum as 'that loud friend' the one who always looks like the wreck of the Hesperus with all those children.

I hope you're making pie

or apple crumble

or an apple cobbler

or stuffed baked apples

or sauteed apples w/ turkey of some description



(I'm so glad you had this time and one day, one year I will come apple picking with you.)
blackbird said…
Yes, my mother is a serial over-dresser...I picked two bushels (about 40 pounds) of mutsus, empires, winesaps, ida reds...since sunday I've made apple crisp and apple crumble...
Anonymous said…
The perfect day! Fresh apples and a good turkey club. Nothing better.
Anonymous said…
Nice to meet you Mrs. Bb. You look divine. But how could it be otherwise, having met your daughter.
Well, enjoy your apples, I have to go now.
But please, come see us again.
Keetha said…
Wow! Sounds like a lovely postcard-like day!
~ej said…
what fun, a day out with mom and apples lunch!! pretty views, love the one of the path between the apples....:-)
Anonymous said…
Now that is my idea of apple picking! So great that you and your Mom do stuff together. And she's dressed quite chicly for a day on the farm.

Hmm- maybe she should get together with my mom for shopping....
alice c said…
How are you going to eat 40lbs of apples if Youngest is not available to help? Do you have one mad period of apple consumption after which nobody in the family will eat apples for 11 months?
Joke said…

-Homer Simpson