It's K's birthday.
I adore K. Everything about him.
I could write a long post about his attributes and what a wonderful husband and father he is.
And he is...but I'm going to write a post about HIS PRESENT.

Middle and I went and got his girlfriend, S.

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Then we went to the mall.
I needed Middle at the mall.
More specifically, I needed Middle at THE APPLE STORE.

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I'm sure I don't have to even TELL YOU what we were there to purchase.


Middle did several tests.

call test

The all-important call test.


The slightly-less-important internet test.

Mom, the phone is just like an add-on to the rest of the device. It's incidental. It's like walking around with a computer that just HAPPENS TO BE ABLE TO MAKE CALLS.

Sufficiently impressed, we asked Nick some questions. Nick was very helpful. Nick took out his car keys and wowed us by scraping them with some force against the screen on the phone.
Actually, 'wowed' may be the wrong word. Middle and I had a visceral reaction to Nick scraping his keys on the phone.
We were more dumbfounded by the nano-second. We requested THE BOX.


I sort of wished that they would bestow the box upon us and heavenly music would be heard. But Nick was a casual guy. It was kind of cool when I mentioned the ever growing line for the register and Nick said: no problem. I'll just ring it up for you here.

ring up

And so he did.

We brought our gift home, Middle hid it in his underwear drawer and we HAD TO WAIT three long days to present it to K.
It was hard. I kept almost telling K about the neat features Middle demonstrated for me. I kept almost telling K how cool it was. I'm telling you IT WAS HARD.

And then, this morning. I completely forgot it was his birthday.
I got up, got dressed and sat down to check my email.
I realized after about ten minutes and RAN LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN to wake the boys.


The boys waited patiently while he read his cards. Boys don't get the whole card thing.

lamb chops

Middle always wraps gifts with aluminum foil. We told K we were giving him lamb chops. I wrapped Middle's lunch with the wrapping paper.

last minute

Some people dashed out of bed and did the last-minute lick of the envelope...but the giant pack of Toblerone helped distract from the card business...


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K finally opened the lamb chops, I mean iPHONE.

Happily, Middle had first period off and was able to help with the orientation.



But now he's off to school and K has his new toy all to himself.

Happy birthday my sweetie...

Call me!


Badger said…
Happy birthday, dear K!

I love Toblerone.

And the next time I go into the Apple store, I'm totally scraping my keys against the screen of the phone. I'll tell them Nick said it was okay.
BabelBabe said…
Happy birthday, K! I've never met you but I love how happy you make my dear Bbird.
chicken said…
dude...you can totally take over the iphone and use it for your new business of surfing the web looking for ugly wedding dresses!!

Love the foil...we wrap in newspaper at our house...like fish.
MizMell said…
Marvelous! I always have a hard time keeping gifts a secret. I want to give it to them way ahead of time. JB is worse than me, though. Congratulations for holding out.

And aren't you lucky they revamped the pricing? What a truly marvelous gadget!
BreadBox said…
Happy Birthday, K!!! Another year to remember how lucky you are to have Blackbird as your wife:-) And vice versa too:-)

alice c said…
Happy Day K. I hope this year has wonderful opportunities around every corner.

p.s. bb said that you look cute in your robe - and she was right - as always.
Jennifer said…
Happy Birthday K :)

Looked like such a fun morning :) Hope the rest of your day is great!
irene said…
happy birthday K!
Anonymous said…
Buon Compleanno K!!!
You deserve only the best.
The IPhone it's the perfect toy for you. Now you'll have the world at hand all the time.
Amy A. said…
Happy B-day, K!

We don't get iphone service here in our neck of the woods. Our children are currently planning our move to a major metropolitan area just so we can have the phone.

I can't wait!
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Happy birthday to K, a lucky man in so many ways.

You know, dear bb, that I am almost never the jealous type but I am jealous—not of the iphone—but of the fact that you have an Apple Store in Tuvalu.
I have iPhone and Toblerone envy.

Totally off subject: A week or so ago, you showed us Youngest's smile without braces. Today, we see Middle's smile. Does everyone in your family have such beautiful smiles?
might I add...? said…
Happy birthday, K!

I LOVE my iPhone! I hope you will enjoy yours just as much. (You will probably enjoy it more, I'm guessing, as you seem very tech-savvy.)

Is the authorization process any less hectic these days? I got mine on the day it came out, and I'm convinced that AT&T is run by a group of armadillos.

I did have a problem with the phone kind of dying one evening about 3 months ago (the phone was just over a month old at that time). The nice man at the Apple store was able to replace it for me, which was helpful, especially since I was starting to have contractions at that time!

Love the clever wrapping paper, too! I have to keep that in mind next time I'm out of paper on someone's birthday and I end up waiting 2 months to send the present because I keep meaning to buy paper.
Susie Sunshine said…
Holy shit, that's almost as cool as a Dyson!

Happy birthday K!
Anonymous said…
Very cute (they all are)!

Happy Birthday to K !!
robiewankenobie said…
i just LOVE present anticipation. marvelous stuff. i'm so glad that you have such a darling recipient to bestow it upon. huzzah!
Anonymous said…
I don't have an iPod and I can barely use my cell phone. I would definately need a Middle Tutorial.

Happy B-day to K. Did he get cake?
KPB said…
So you haven't made the pumpkin pie yet then.

I'm just saying.
Anonymous said…
My sincere best wishes to the birthday boy.
michele said…
happy birthday, K! Enjoy you presents!
Suse said…
Happy birthday to K from that pesky pinging Australian.
Anonymous said…
A belated Happy Birthday to K!! You did a great job on the gift; so cool.

Sarah Louise said…
very cool, and happy belated to K!
Paula said…
Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

When do you get your iphone? Hmm?
Elan Morgan said…
I'm late, but yes, happy birthday to K.

I'm still going to send you your present. You know that, right? It's on top of my tv, waiting to go.