when did Kate Spade lose her mind?

I've been a fan of Kate Spade shoes and bags for years.
I even have two of her bags - one is a Maira Kalman tote and the other is a black gros grain small tote that I use for evenings out.

But something seems to have gone awry with Kate. Tipped off by Bunnyshop, I think, I went to her site to see what was new.

I like Kate's site, it's clear and pretty and her 'behind the scenes' pages are neat. But the collection kind of baffles me...

down bag

This is the bag that BS mentioned - and I just don't get it either. Are my lip gloss and wallet in danger of freezing? How well could this bag possibly wear?
It's probably squishy and soft but I can't help feeling that down is better on a jacket. I put it down to Kate's quirky sense of humor.

thought bubble hat

See? Quirky. But with a cause...


I get it - but I'm not sure the Kate Spade carrying customers will go for it.

ks print

This is a typical KS shoe. Classic design with a twist.

And I can visualize this departure from her usual design...

ks black shoe

black text

They would indeed look lovely with cobalt tights.


Pre-boxed? What shoes don't come pre-boxed?

And this?

not a ks shoe

This doesn't seem very KS at ALL.
Keds, maybe...where is her signature kitten heel?

But this still isn't where she's lost me -
She starts losing me with this:

not a bag

which is not a bag but a hair ornament.

And here she goes over the edge -

green bag

It's an Ugly Doll AND a bag.
It's face creeps me out.
And it's no better in a print.

spotty bag

So, for the moment, I'd say: stick with the adorable site

things we love

and you can thank me later for all the money you are saving on the bags....

Please note that today is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY. Let's all talk like pirates in honor of Caleb Potter!


Anonymous said…
I thought that green bag was cute until I looked at it harder and could see the "face." You are right.
Alice said…
so sad...
at least i'll spend less money there this season!
though i do check out the website (it IS so cool) regularly...i actually did yesterday, weird? maybe.
great minds think alike.
Shiver me timbers. Them bags are too ugly even for walkin' the plank.

(I know, I know, bad...)
Stephanie said…
Aye, bb. I liked the green one, too, until you pointed out the face. HAHA, ugly doll & a bag. v. clever.

Actually, I still kind of like it. You wouldn't notice the face with all my booty shoved in it.

Poppy Buxom said…
arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... Them booty bags be butt-ugly!
RW said…
Aye, me and my mates are quite liking the toque!

I love talk like a pirate day!

I have been checking in on Caleb every week - what a story that is being lived out there.
Anonymous said…
...although, if you lost your keys, you could say "My bag ate them" and it would be true.
Anonymous said…
Ahoy, bucko.
Davy Jones' locker could have those poxy bags indeed.
She could be fed to the fishes, down in the briny deep.
So, aye lassie, Godspeed and fair winds.

PS I met KS in person while working in the posh Hotel in Positano back in those years...
TheOneTrueSue said…
I actually liked the green bag better AFTER I saw the face. But I'm all tasteless like that. It definitely doesn't scream Kate Spade though. More like Sesame Street.
Anonymous said…
The "hair ornament" has got. to. go.
Sarah Louise said…
Maybe she got kidnapped by fashion pirates that made her walk the plank until she created ugly stuff that would make the general public say, "matey, pass the rum!"

KPB said…
I am loving the green bag but hating it in print. So too the print shoe, but the black pump I loved.
But I thought there were rules about wearing open-toed shoes with stockings
MizMell said…
It's times like these that make me glad I am not a slave to fashion...
Anonymous said…
She did sell the company recently. So maybe this stuff isn't her at all.
teaorwine said…
Kate sold out to Liz Claiborne. Could this be the reason for the change in design strategies?