updates on several fronts

I was going to delve into housework today.
I've neglected the house since before Italy, though I seem to have thrown myself into the laundry.
At least we all have socks and underwear.
Anyway, I awoke unmotivated and am going out with my mother for an hour or so.

Yesterday, we took Youngest to the bookstore. It was his first trip out of the house and he did pretty well, he even managed a long stairway.
I was so tense the whole time that my body hurt when we got back home.
I was so keenly aware of everyone who walked near him, of all the ways he could get hurt, of how well was walking that it was exhausting.
It tired him out too.
His post surgical check up has been moved back to Tuesday.

K has kept himself busy, and is painting in the new bathroom today, but needs a film project.
If everyone could do a little dance/prayer/meditation I'd appreciate it.

Middle is shooting an extraordinary film about an egg. I woke up this morning to find the toaster in a funny place. If he posts it to youtube I'll post it for you to watch. He wrote the music for it too and it's pretty damn good.

Oldest has worked a couple of different construction jobs recently and has a nagging cough.
He's been very sweet about going upstairs to visit with Youngest.

I feel a bit like I'm in suspended animation. My emotional and physical state are so tied to my kids when they aren't well that I just don't function the same way.
I have a list in my head of things I want to do:
change the things on the mantel for the season
make a loaf of bread
put away the summer things
change the things on the shelves in the dining room
but I just can't seem to turn my attention to any of it.

On the whole, though, I'm doing well.
Just moving slowly.

Oh, and, Kate Spade was bought by Liz Claiborne and Kate no longer does their designs...


BabelBabe said…
I am sure leggings will solve everything : )

Hugs. Energy. Whatever else you need, from your friend in the blogosphere, dear one.
islaygirl said…
i have found leggings to be restorative. especially when worn while consuming vast quantities of champagne.

You're an excellent mother, not that you need me to tell you that.

Hugs all around. xx
Carol said…
Go be with your mom. Have her rejuvenate you with her words of wisdom.

Good thoughts your way...Carol
Badger said…
Make the bread. Do it with intention, putting all your wishes for the boys and K into it. Then, when the five of you eat it, they will come true.

Signed, your friendly neighborhood pagan
Sarah Louise said…
Thank you for writing what I feel. It's a miracle I'm able to get work done. A miracle called the soundtrack to "Hello Dolly." Oh, and a vigilant boss.

Not that I would compare the pains of a mother to that of a girlfriend, but CRAP!!!

I will be doing dances for everyone when I get my mojo back.
I understand completely about life going on hold while one's children recover. Remember, he will be better soon.

I'm bummed about Kate Spade / Liz C. It doesn't seem like a good design move.
tut-tut said…
I'll light another candle tomorrow.

Don't bother with all those things now. Now is the time to sit down. Just be, as best you can.
Anonymous said…
I'm not much of a drinker but on days like these, I can convince myself that chocolate milkshakes with plenty of Kahlua will give me the caffeen boost I need! If that doesn't work - have anoter one. The important thing is, you gotta keep trying...Baileys and coffee ALSO works wonders!
Anonymous said…
I want to hug you.
Right now.
TheOneTrueSue said…
My daughter has croup, which is not even very serious, and yet normal life has stopped. Completely on hold while we steam and soothe and medicate. I hope Youngest continues to get better.
Mary said…
I loved the Positano photos and can't think of anything better than you going back as a family. I am sending hopeful and positive thoughts your way re K.

I would say that the events of the last few weeks are hitting you like a ton of bricks. In fact you do not need to be Einstein to work that out. Your list will keep. You need to be taking care of you.

Go get those leggings.
alice c said…
Too many fingers crossed to type properly - expect mucho typos until you post good news.

It sounds as though Youngest is making a remarkable and speedy recovery - due to having his mother do the anxiety bit and leaving him to concentrate on getting better.

Take care of yourself.
Stephanie said…
How can they still call it Kate Spade when it's Liz? yuck.
Alice said…
I am doing a dance for you (and apparently my roommate)...

Oh, and WHAT about Kate Spade!?!? Do tell me more...