until the end

The other half of my Positano pictures...

good clouds

K did his usual early morning photo walks. He took this.
And this -


You know which photos are mine.


good house

Even though all the houses are stacked vertically, it doesn't feel like a city.

boat picture

This is one of the walls on the roof of the tower.


And this was on the floor. Paola said it was used to pour hot oil on attackers, which freaked me out a little.

watch cat

Another view of the rooftop and the bridge leading to it, which is right across from this -

on the roof

We had a quiet dinner alone on the first night and crashed into bed. We slept until 11 in the morning. I don't think we've ever done that.


Aren't Euros pretty?

table 21

Italian breakfast is nice. Really nice.

But dinner on the second day, without my camera, was gorgeous. We sat in a candlelit courtyard with Paola and her family, eating incredible food, hearing a wedding party across the garden and soaking it all in. It was just spectacular.

The next day, Paola took us out on a boat tour.


It was landscape like no other.

<span class=

Can you see the face in the rocks?

Paola was an incredible pilot and guide.


We saw amazing sights.

At their favorite spot, Paola anchored the boat and Brizio went off to play on his raft. He brought many handfuls of rocks to me, swimming from the shore to the boat with his little fists clenched full of them.

k climbing

K did some playing too.

K on rocks

k jumps

Sometimes boys scare me.

beach from boat

The beach at the Torre from the boat.

town from boat

We got hungry and went back to town...

town beach

The town beach.

We chose a semi shaded spot for pizza and beer.
Paola ate like a lady and had grilled veg - but not the rest of us.
I wolfed down a wonderful pizza sitting next to my Italian boyfriend.

<span class=

<span class=

Tired from our adventures at sea, we parted company.
We talked a lot about our plans to have dinner at Paola's home the next night. Fabio was arranging for fresh fish from a friend who is a fisherman, we would have the honor of meeting Paola's parents and we were very excited about experiencing real life in Positano with people who had become special to us.

After refreshing ourselves back at our beautiful lodgings -


And making photo notes of Positano style and decor -


I decided to walk (read: climb) to the wifi spot to post.
I saw the snake which scared me to death, had a major breakdown, and K worked to settle my nerves.

We decided on a lighter dinner, and sufficiently fortified, we walked the long path to the top of the town for a meal of pasta at a street side cafe.
And when I say street side, I REALLY MEAN IN THE STREET.

K at dinner

Our table was up against the restaurant. K's back was to the traffic and buses and cars passed withing feet of him - which was quite a thrill...

last dinner bus

We had seafood and pasta.
K loved his tiny shrimp.

best shrimp

And, over our heads, an extraordinary storm rolled in.
As the rain started to fall we made our way, gingerly, back to the tower.
We spent a long time squished on the tiny balcony watching the spectacular lightning.
The power went off a few times, there were lots of candles and it was an incredible night.

storm by fabio

(picture by Fabio, from Paola's side of town!)

We slept very well - and then got the call from Middle that Youngest had been taken to the hospital.
I spoke to the specialist and he told me he'd meet Youngest at the hospital and operate.
We spoke to Paola and she dropped everything to get us home.
K ran out for some food for us while I packed.

last breakfast

our rock

I left a stone on the mantle where others had done the same.

Dozens of phone calls later,

how to use the phone

it was all like a sweet dream.


And here we are.
Our plan is to return to Italy as a family.

A taste of Positano is not enough.
We are big eaters.


Sarah Louise said…

your pictures and words are good for making one's troubles seem like miles away. Thank you for the mini-vactation, I needed that.

My prayers are with Youngest.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. Returning as a family will be wonderful. Despite your long days and longer nights you keep posting. You are a champion of the blog.
robiewankenobie said…
your gut instinct to leave was a good one...knowing what you know now, you must feel that. and, gosh darnit, now you're gonna have to go back. *grin*

p.s. please adopt me so that i can be considered family. m'kay? rwkn would be happy to join the bb clan and take a trip to italy. you know. if i HAVE to.
While it's not as good as being there, seeing the photos was a wonderful experience. Going back as a family will be wonderful for you all. Is there any chance it will occur in the near future (one year or less)?
MizMell said…
Your pictures have made me develop an appetite.
RW said…
Glad to hear that progress is being made.

I love "making plans".

Peace to all
Anonymous said…
God, when you put it that way with THOSE pictures...well...ain't I the lucky one to live here!
BTW, I don't usually eat like a lady, I am a BIG eater ya know.
tut-tut said…
A dream that will always be yours to return to . . .

I'm glad Youngest is getting through all this with such great support from you, and you have great support from outside.
TheOneTrueSue said…
So beautiful! And how lovely to have something amazing to look forward to.
Anonymous said…
This is my first comment, but I find myself checking in daily. Your writing - so funny and not a single wasted word.

I have an itunes suggestion for youngest! Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine. Heard it? I think it is befitting of your current situation and a fabulous song.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful post. It makes me simultaneously feel like I've been there and like I HAVE to go. Your descriptions and the pictures are really lovely. Thanks you.
Donna said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I feel like I've been on a little vacation this morning after looking at your pictures and reading your words.

Thanks for sharing them.

I'm also glad to hear Youngest is improving. How wonderful for him that you were both able to be there for him during this tough time. You guys seem really blessed.
Anonymous said…
This little story makes the tears come to my eyes - for the lost time with your partner, for the imagined adventures abandoned, for the unquestioning love of parents for their baby. Parents who would flush a million trips like this to comfort their child when he was feeling badly and probably a little scared.

I want to put rocks everywhere now.
Geggie said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm so glad that youngest is doing well.

I've actually been in touch with the Torre Sponda inquiring about our vacation in March. We are deciding between Ireland and Italy! We'll see which wins.
She She said…
Wow, those pictures are breathtaking. Does Paola need another good friend? I'm available...

I saw the face in the rocks, and it looks like it's wearing a Kate Spade bag on its head.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They're lovely.
islaygirl said…
that's all.
kt said…
Thanks for sharing both the delightful and the heart-clenching moments. You're very generous with us.

Best to the boy-o.
Carol said…
Great post. Can't wait to go back to Italy - you helped me remember stuff I didn't even realize I'd forgotten.

Hope you son is okay - I can't even imagine getting a call from that far away that he was in the hospital. You are a trooper!
Stephanie said…
Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them.

I can't imagine seeing that every day of my life...what a gorgeous world we have.

I'm so glad your son is doing so well.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous photos. Sounds like you had a great time. Positano is such a beautiful place. l was living there last year and your photos reminded me of how much l miss it. l hope your son is ok.
Susie Sunshine said…
The what this world needs is more Paola!