travel, part one

We made it to the airport lickety-split.
At first it seemed that DOZENS of people were flying to Naples.
The line for check-in was long.
But it became clear that most people were flying to Rome.
Everyone was in a good mood, and, when they finally started checking people in - 45 minutes later, the line moved quickly.
When it was our turn, the ticket agent called someone over to take K's passport.
They checked his name in a big book, and then gave us the passport back and the ticket agent scribbled big red S's all over our boarding passes.
I was pretty sure that meant we were special.
THEN, when we went through security, to go to our gate?
We were brought to a SPECIAL security line and SPECIAL security people FRISKED US.
Our bags were wiped down with a SPECIAL towelette, which was then put in a SPECIAL machine.
After wiping down our shoes,
we were sent on our way.
Feeling slightly less special.

Presently, we are waiting at the gate with an interesting cast of characters.
An Italian John Stamos and his wife emoting wildly over their Euros.
A woman who resembles Cher and her photographer husband.
And lots of people with cartons of cigarettes from the duty free shop.

John Stamos and his wife are the reason god invented iPods.


jenny said…
Special wipes? For your shoes? Those must be the explosive dectecting wipes. Or not.

John Stamoses are unbearable in any nationality.
And did you bring an iPod with you?
Unknown said…
I am totally impressed that you are keeping your readership posted on demand and in real time. Fantastic! I work in service and we have italian developers who help us third shift (which i have to work sometimes) when we need dumps and traces read. It is kind of cool that they can help us. Also, my mom has been dating an italian (he is a retired mason - does not speak or read english very well. My mom adores him). Have lots of fun. Enjoying your posts.
Anonymous said…
S = Suspicious (?)
They must have the Blogher posts from someone (don't remember who) who said you arrived in a burqa.
Anonymous said…
*They must have the read the Blogher posts...*
Heather said…
are you there yet?
Anonymous said…
happened to us when we went to Korea last year. have a wonderful trip bb. please, please, stop by Paris even for just a couple of hours!!!
Jennifer said…
That would have totally freaked me out!

Hope you got there okay.
MizMell said…
Going through "getting there" is what makes one appreciate finally arriving.
And it works just like that on the journey home, too.
Joke said…

That's special? That happens to me on every.damned.flight.

Ellen Landrum said…
We got the S once too! We thought it had to do with a one-way ticket. I didn't notice a big black book! Have an exceptional time- we're wicked jealous in these parts, Ss and all.
Claudia said…
I didn't get an "S", but my camera and GPS gadget got "wiped", too, on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Edinburgh, Scotland, this year...
And I had to take off my hiking shoes as they had metal eyes on them. Scary, somehow.
Have a good time, anyhow.