too many pictures, not enough words

Here I am in Positano.
It's monday already and I know I haven't posted nearly enough.
I still don't have a lot to tell, but I have so much to show you.

food shopping

In Naples, Paola took us to the supermarket for wine. I think that's where I started falling in love with Brizio. He's very much like Youngest, Brizio, small and dark and very funny.
He speaks beautiful English and when I ask him how to say something in Italian he says:
In Italian? with a slightly sassy attitude.
There are locks on the fence rails in Naples, it's from a movie, Paola tells us - lovers locks them on fences to show their undying affection. Or something. It's romantic! It's Italy.

locks mt

It \is a very long walk from point A: The Perfume shop, to B: Torre Sponda. And, depending on the time of day or night, you must remember where Paola told you all the light switches and locks are.
Make a right by Pan -


Or, he may be on the left side of the street that day...


Follow the Porter Paola has called. He'll be walking very very fast with your three bags, weighing in at just under 150 pounds, ON HIS HEAD.


The street is marked private and is hardly a street at all.

private street - a

Walk down the incline - had too much to drink? Maybe you'll want to take off your heels.

down the hill

It's very dark. Try to forget the story you heard about a boy falling over the rail as there are four levels of homes and hotels stacked beneath you to the right.

down the path

Go down some steps but don't turn - that nice house isn't yours.


Down more steps, through the alley with the vines - look for another light switch and come to the gate. Try to remember which of the 6 keys to use to open the iron gate.


Walk another alley and pass the little bridge that goes to the roof of the tower.

more steps

This is where the snake lives. I think.


Walk down more stairs, figure out which key opens THIS gate and FINALLY you are there.

open the last gate

The tower is wonderful, with shuttered windows overlooking breathtaking views of the harbor and sea.

<span class=

The bed has curtains, there is a second building with another bath and sitting room and kitchen, three patios, an outdoor shower and a secret, hidden, blue blue pool.
Of course, getting to the pool is an adventure too -

Down some stairs, around a corner, down a long alley, more stairs, stairs again, and then you come to a gate. More keys, and you're in.


Want to go to the private beach? You are about a third of the way there....more stairs, more walkways, another alley or two and down a steep steep flight.


If you decide to go to the beach, better make sure you have all your things because you won't be able to go back for a forgotten book or towel.

We've had one lovely dinner alone and one with Paola and her family during which I gave Brizio far too many Spiderman presents and overwhelmed the poor child.

We spent Monday on the boat with P and B and swam and saw the sights and came in for pizza and went back out to the beach. B is like Youngest so much - he spent hours in the water and brought me handful after handful of stones and beach glass treasure.

Tomorrow we will pick up a scooter and go exploring out of town.
But now, I am going to post this so I don't fall asleep - my body clock is screwy and I have had a hard time falling asleep.


Paula said…
So when are you going to send for your boys and

Paula said…
Oh and Paola?
I would love to!
alice c said…
I'm on the next plane out to Positano. It looks as though you have landed in Heaven.
MizMell said…
Thank you for the pictures! I feel as if i am there...

It's gorgeous!
It must be heaven. Are you going to bring your boys over to you and stay there forever?
Anonymous said…
I completely froze and my jaw dropped at the pool. THE POOL! With that view!
I can't even imagine what it sounds like out your bedroom window. I should have made you bring an italk so you could record it!
Anonymous said…
That pool!!!

That's all I can say...after two cancelled trips to Italy.

Sniff, sniff

From the Big Wuss
Anonymous said…
Yeah. The pool is killing me, too. And the view. And the beach. And your own personal water sprite bringing you treasures.

Anonymous said…
What a besutiful gift you two have given each other. Happy anniversary! What a lovely place this little town is, and that view from your window - breathtaking. Enjoy it all while you're there.
"Positano bites deep", Steinbeck wrote. "It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone."
We're all so jealous...
Caterina said…
Wow. W O W!
Anonymous said…
Wow. It's so fab. What a place. Reminds me of a '50's movie. Or The Talented Mr. Ripley. An inspiration for sure. I'm going there next year.

Stephanie said…
It all sounds & looks like perfection!

So glad to hear it. :)
Joke said…

Now I have to go to Confession from the seething envy. At least you aren't driving an Alfa Romeo, else I would be insane with outright jealousy.

Suse said…
The picture of Pan dancing above the sparkling sea made me gasp.

Terri said…
Like a dream!!! Just Gorgeous!
Lucky, lucky you!
Geggie said…
That's it. I'm buying a ticket. We're planning our April vacation, and Positano my be just the ticket. Although we were in Rome in May and the bf really wants to do Ireland. We'll see. Keep posting!!
Anonymous said…
Wow. So beautiful.... you'll remember this forever.
Martina said…
You seem to be heaven despite all the ups and downs and turns!
TheOneTrueSue said…
How wonderful!
Alice said…
How dare you travel to such a beautiful and lovely place while I am stuck doing homework in CT?

I guess that's what you get after being married for 25 years...