So Chicken went home.
Mom reported that Ellen was in love with the clip of Chicken yelling DAMN when he got voted off and that she showed it again and again.

Fay Long is the RED TEAM
John Who is the YELLOW TEAM

John Who's camp is a muddy mess.
Dave is their leader and he is trying to get the team to make a fire pit.
They end up talking a lot without doing anything.
It's infuriating to watch.
They are probably STILL debating how and where to build a fire pit.
I would kill them all if I lived there.

Day 4 finds Fay Long working together....except for that shifty Jean-Robert who is the king of napping.
Todd and Amanda make an alliance and pick Aaron to join them and be their secret fall guy.
Todd and Aaron are wearing only their underwear. This is not a bad thing.
Fay Long has a meeting regarding plans of action. Jean-Robert mentions he thinks they should rest more. He suggests that his contributions will be mental and tells US that this is all a scheme to make them think he's lazy.
His plan is working beautifully.

At John Who they are still working on the damn fire pit - hauling bricks from the jungle.
Ashley is wearing her panties and a bandanna. Over her large plastic breasts. I'm going to try this outfit on later and get back to you.
Dave and Ashley fight like cats and dogs. Over everything. He instigates and she pushes buttons. It's uncomfortable to watch.

But not for long as it's time for a challenge.
Look, I can't even describe the challenges on this episode - I even went to Open School Night and came back during the show (which K taped).
This challenge involved rolling a giant heavy ball through mud and water to score a goal.
Everyone ends up naked.
Ashley pulls one guy's pants down, all the women's tops come sliding off and Fay Long (red) win.
They win fishing equipment and the right to kidnap someone from the other team.
The strategy of this mystifies me - do you kidnap someone strong or weak? Someone who will give you the inside scoop or someone mysterious?
I'm thinking the twist of being able to kidnap someone will carry more weight later in the season.
So Fay Long decide to kidnap Jaime. I don't remember a thing about her and cannot imagine how they chose her, but there it is.
As the kidnapped she gets a secret message, in a bamboo tube, from Jeff. She is told to open it in private.

After the challenge, John Who's camp is underwater. This episode is big on mud and water.
But guess WHAT?
Dave's enormous brick fire pit has survived.

Fay Long won a boat too (do NOT bother me about the Chinese spellings of the team names) and, in kidnapping Jaime, they feel they have stolen the 'sunshine' from their opposing team.
Okay. Fine. Sunshine stolen.
Todd woos Leslie into an alliance. (You know, Todd is the gay Mormon flight attendant - but that's not what is important about him. The thing about Todd is: he's been watching Survivor since he was A CHILD and has learned the game inside and out and is very very very smart. Just you wait and see. OR, HE COULD BE VOTED OFF NEXT WEEK. It's hard to say.)
Jaime's secret message is a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol, and she must give it to someone on Fay Long.
Jean-Robert and Aaron have an argument, which, frankly, seems totally staged to me, but Jaime takes it in and is going to mention it to her team.

There is another Dave/Ashley argument. Ack.
Dave's getting an attitude. Or has one - maybe I'm late to the game. He stands around being all Vince Vaughn and I just want to smack him.

Day 5 finds Leslie at Fay Long having a crisis. She doesn't feel well and is missing her bible. But she knows God has her there for a reason and that's helpful to her. Jaime decides to give her the clue to the idol, Leslie tells us it is a gift from the Lord, and Leslie tells Todd.
Todd, being the shrewd player he is, is thrilled for himself and begins to plot on a deeper level.
There are several shots of what could be the idol 'hidden in plain sight.'

The immunity challenge involves the teams using a long battering ram/Chinese pole to break through doors and then sliding the pole into a complicated puzzle slot.
I notice immediately that their clothes have been washed.
I MEAN IT. They were not shown washing their clothing in the muddy lake and yet everyone looks relatively pristine. This irks me.
Jeff is a tough cheering section, urging the yellow team to work harder, but Dave seems to lose the will to go on.
Fay Long win again.

This is now day six and Dave apologizes to the team for letting them down. He thanks Frosti for taking over for him in the challenge and Ashley knows she's in trouble.
Some team members feel they must decide between Dave and Ashley as they are the members who bring conflict to the team.
Ashley tries to figure out how she can expose Dave as a crazy person without endangering her position.
Sherea is worried and wants Dave to go.
But, of course, it's Ashley who goes, leaving Sherea in tears.
"I'll see YOU soon," she warns Dave, and we can only hope...


Anonymous said…
wow. well done! that was a nasty challenge, that big wooden ball thing... the producers were thinking "how can we have naked mud wrestling without calling it that?"
jenny said…
One thing about the John Whos. Off on the left side and a little ways behind the fire pit were four stairs. Leading up to, what looked like, an elevated, flat DRY area. Um, duh?

I didn't even notice the clean clothes.

These very compelling reasons are exactly why I need a tivo thing.
chicken said…
I don't get to watch survivor until the weekend...but I LOVE to read about it before hand!! Can't wait to watch, knowing Ashley is GONE!! Buh-BYE!
Cheat to Win said…
Zhan Hu is a trainwreck, and it seems like Peih Gee, Erik, and Frosti are the only ones that will be staying around for much longer.

I LOVED the ball wrestling, and not because of the rampant nudity. I thought it was incredibly entertaining to watch people like Ashley get slammed into the ground or Leslie try to choke Dave. The intensity the teams exhibited was hilarious and endearing.

And it's SO obvious Dave is leaving next week.
Badger said…
Ashley, Dave, blah blah. I'm still loving the gravedigger. And the gay Mormon flight attendant. And the mullet lady, who was invisible this week.
Anonymous said…
I've never watched Survivor.

There's a girl from Montana this season, though. Is she still there? Is she shaming us?