K took me shopping.
We needed some glass bowls for the kitchen and an espresso pot.


Actually, we didn't need the espresso pot, but I have been slowly ratcheting up the coffee ante
here at chez Bird for over a year.
I have been stealthily increasing the strength of our (admittedly) decaf for a while now to purposely get K into drinking something with a 'fuller' coffee flavor. If you will.
By the time he got to Italy he was completely ready for their coffee - and my mission was complete.
We've had a few mornings with Tuvaluan coffee since our return and it TASTES LIKE WATER.
After the learning curve we should be able to come closer to what I have loved all along.


I also bought an Italian dish towel - because I buy dish towels as remembrances of places we go, and a scrubby thing.
The scrubby thing has no sentimental value whatsoever.


And so, after a morning (really! only a morning) of feeling blue, a little retail therapy was tremendously helpful.
Then, this morning, I awoke to a perfectly sensible email from an astute friend and snapped completely out of it.
We had a fabulous time in Italy - more pictures to come...


Welcome back from Bluesville. Glad to hear the perkiness in your voice, so to speak. Retail therapy is a good thing indeed.
MizMell said…
Waiting on the pictures...
Paula said…
I have the same Bialetti pot, which I love, but I also have the electric model which is just like that but sits on it's own little giz-not-a-hot-plate-whats-its.




Anonymous said…
This is not a comment but a note. Your email is cut off on your blog so I could not send one. This is not to publish. Anyways. I left a comment the other day and then noticed it was not posted.
I just want to say that I am sorry if I upset or offended you in anyway possible! I had written about my son being sick once and that things would be ok. I did not mean to say anything that would cause you pain and am sorry if I did. I just was trying to say I felt it would be ok and obviously did it in a bad way. I love your writing and blog and feel bad if I upset you at a stressful time. Please accept my apology. And I still take great pleasure in my Nana's beat up espresso pot that must be 70 years old now but is still fabulous.
blackbird said…
Oh Gabe!

I don't know why your comment didn't show up...I received it and was not offended in the slightest and feel terrible that you have been worried.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you are feeling better. That was some pretty inexpensive retail therapy :)
RW said…
We have the same pot - it was my father's - he bought after a trip to Hungary to see the family.

I look forward to reading/seeing more of your adventures.
Badger said…
There's such a thing as decaf espresso? Who knew?
Poppy Buxom said…
< Headsmack >

And I just bought a shmancy electric espresso machine for an anniversary present because Joke told me my husband would like it.

< / Headsmack >
Anonymous said…
The electric espresso machine we got for Christmas two years ago is the best gift I've ever received. Jefferson and I have a standing date at 5 pm every summer afternoon for iced coffee on the deck to wind up our workday, in addition to the machine's complete overuse every day.

I've been scoping out the model you bought in anticipation of the day the DeLonghi takes a dive from daily use. Maybe you'll provide a tutorial on how to use it?
islaygirl said…
i'm thinking i might need to take up coffee.
Anonymous said…
I'm slowly getting over that my vicarious vaction was cut short, too. The pictures so far have been glorious. And of course, we await the forthcoming good news re Youngest.

Unknown said…
You know I am completely with you on the magically restorative powers of kitchen gadget retail therapy.

Although I have an ancient Krups electic espresso machine on which the steamer thingie doesn't work, and a Braun electric drip coffee maker and don't drink coffee very often myself, I have been sorely tempted to get a French press for years. You have now also re-ignited my desire for a stove top espresso pot.

I may eventually need some sort of intervention, I think...

(And the rocks rock, BTW. I love the idea of geological scrapbooking)
Unknown said…
Lovely. You have so much patience (the coffee thing.)
Suse said…
We have three of those Bialettis. A teeny tiny one cup size one, the standard four (or is it six?) cup size and the ginormous 12 cup one.

Is that wrong?

(When I say cup, I mean the tiny espresso size 'short black' cup).
alice c said…
That should give your mornings a turbo charged start.
Anonymous said…
We have one, and I love it.

In this neck of the woods, we sometimes get some looks when we pull it out for a post-prandial sip, but they're all fans at the end of the evening.

We also have the hand-pump milk frother, picked up at a local kitchen store for not that much, so while the water heats and does its magic, the cream warms and is pumped up.

mmmmmm - latte goodness

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