post Italy cooking

The scene: K and bb are sitting in the dining room. K is perusing several Italian cookbooks and preparing pasta with broccoli rabe.

K: Oh, look at this, you cook the broccoli rabe with the pasta.

bb: That's ingenious!

K: That's exactly what I did with the hot dog and macaroni and cheese a couple of weeks ago.


And how did it taste?
Unknown said…
Y'know, if i suggested macaroni and hotdogs for dinner my men folk would be estatic.
Mary said…
Blackbird - I was probably reading your blog yesterday when you were posting on mine. It looks like you have had the most surreal and unsteadying week - but I am so glad to have been pointed in your direction (by lurking on Joke I think). I promise I won't turn you into the guru authority on teenage boys. But I might!
KPB said…
I always cook a head of broccoli, cut into small florets in the water with the pasta when making spaghetti with oil and garlic.
Rather than going slime green with that awful cold cabbage taste, it retains its greeness and as you drain it (I use a ricotta sieve rather than a colander in this instance, so you don't lose all the broccoli) it breaks up through the pasta. Then you just heat the oil, cook the garlic slightly, add the pasta and broccoli, toss and add sea salt and lashings of freshly cracked pepper. oh.....

Sorry, fell down in a faint.

As someone restraining herself with carbs and fat, merely remembering such dinners caused me to swoon.