notes regarding our impending vacation

1. I hope to post from Italy. Perhaps not daily, but as often as I can. We have rented The Torre Sponda and it has dial-up, though I plan on IM'ing with my kids each day from a cafe.

2. Paola, who comments here, read about my wish to visit Italy and suggested this property which she manages. Paola and I met on the internet and then, IRL, last fall when she visited Tuvalu to see family. I heart Paola.

3. My mother, a saint, is going to be staying with the boys. She will be responsible for getting them to school and feeding them. She is beyond capable.

4. This trip is our 25th anniversary present to ourselves, hence NO CHILDREN. (That last note is for my pediatrician who suggested I take Youngest with me as she just returned from Rome with six children.)

5. We don't plan on visiting any other major Italian cities. We plan on relaxing in Positano and its environs.

6. We're bringing our own helmets and plan to scooter when possible.

7. If all goes according to plan we will eat pasta and seafood until we can eat no more and K will start an editorial project upon our return.

8. I will probably read some blogs whilst relaxing but will not be commenting and won't have regular access to my email.


10. There is no number 10.


Badger said…
Buono viaggio! (Wait, was that right? BabelFish has lied to me before.)
Jennifer said…
So glad you found your hat :) I also hope you have a fantastic time.

After 25 years you both deserve it!
Anonymous said…
Arriverdecci! Buona Fortuna!
jenny said…
It looks like heaven...although minus Badger's naps, books and River Phoenix.


And Happy Anniversary.

(The pediatrician reads your blog?)
KPB said…
I'm SO excited.
And I ain't going anywhere.
Just the mere thought of you two funsters kicking around on scooters makes me grin like a goon.
I'm keeping this in mind for my own 25th anniversary -- nine years from now. Travel safely.
alice c said…
Just go. Forget everything except each other. And have a wonderful, wonderful time.
Stephanie said…
Yay for leaving! My kids are driving me nuts so I can't think of anything clever to say (not that I usually am clever but you know, sometimes you want to bring it)...I'll just ditto alice c because I loved hers. :)
She She said…
Have a wonderful time (I'm sure you will). I'm excited for you! We're still a few years away from taking a big trip without the kids, but we dream about it regularly. Viaggio felice!
Geggie said…
Buon viaggio!

I bookmarked Paola's site as a vacation possibility for next year. Wow!
Anonymous said…
Well, thank you for this adverstising... priceless.
Weather is just PERFECT.
See you SOON.
Anonymous said…
Good choice on leaving the kids at home. Just because your pediatrician is nuts doesn't mean you have to be as well.

Have a wonderful time!
Poppy Buxom said…
Sounds like a wonderful trip. Especially the part about leaving the children at home.
Have fun with your sweetie--YOU DESERVE IT.
MizMell said…
I can't think of anything better than eating pasta and seafood until you can eat no more. Sounds marvelous.
And hope the atmosphere (sans kids) makes for a passionate vacation.
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful time! The hat will come in handy when you have helmet hair.

Happy anniversary!
Paula said…
Have a lovely time!

Safe travels dear bb!
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful time dear bb. Good for you! And yes, your mother IS a saint.

You won't miss the first episode of Survivor, will you?
Caterina said…
Happy Anniversary! Ditto on what everyone else has said about "you deserve it." But I do feel a lil' bad for the kids --- they're missing out on ITALY!!!

If you head over to the other coast, and just a bit north, you'll hit my peeps in San Benedetto del Tronto.

Buono viaggio!
Joke said…
I am puce with envy.

Terese said…
Dear BB,
have a wonderful vacation in Positano, you deserve it after 25 yrs of Mom, wife, community help and internet blogger for all of us. I look forward to some Positano posts.
Anonymous said…
I hope you have a wonderful time; how could you not? It all sounds so dreamy-fabulous.

I'll certainly miss your daily posts while I wait patiently for you to get back to your regular schedule.

Caio for now,
Elan Morgan said…
Paola has been around my place at times. Say hello for me. And have an excellent trip!
islaygirl said…
travel safe. and why on earth do you have a picture of the Wonder Pets in your flickr?
~ej said…
have a fantastic time, no kids....WOW!! 25 yrs, WOW!! :)
BreadBox said…
THere is a number 10. It's have a wonderful time!

RW said…
Wow. That is some vacation destination! I too, will bookmark it into favourites.
Sarah Louise said…
Oh, have fun!
Anonymous said…
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