a mystery

Why was the container from the iSight on the dining room table?

mystery tube

And WHY did it have water in it?


tut-tut said…
You're all so computer savvy . . .
Anonymous said…
What's iSight?

I know, hopeless am I.

But I'm trained, I don't beg at the table, don't pant and drip drool when I'm hot, and I can do all kinds of tricks if you promise me a bone.

Anonymous said…
All I want to know is this:
did it leave a water mark thing on your table?

And is middle in big trouble because he left it there, wet, and it ruined the table? He did save the worm, which was a kind and noble thing.

I guess I'm just never surprised by much anything I find in my house when I get up in the morning.

Like yesterday a.m., there was a field mouse under our couch in the living room.
Cat was just sitting there, guarding it. She likes to play with these mice. I like them to be outside--not the cat, the mouse.

I am much like Middle, I cannot hurt things, so I locked up Cat and opened the front door and chased the mouse with an extendable feather duster until it finally got a clue, saw the light, and ran out.

I don't know what that had to do with the wet cylinder.
I can't even remember which post I'm replying to.

sorry, but I got up at 4 a.m.--did I mention that?


Terese said…
I am envious of your catering supply store - we don't have one stop catering like this where I live. You can buy the hardware but not the food at the same store. Will we get to read K's marinade recipes online?