long days, longer nights

Youngest is healing nicely, but has been knocked for a loop by his surgery.
The first night we were home we dealt with pain management and were up every few hours.
The second night we dealt with side effects from anesthesia and a myriad of medications.
During the day he is himself, even his sense of humor has returned - but at night he is battling a variety of minor complications.
He's getting lots of attention and has received enviable gifts - a Jeero the size of a pillow, several good books and an iTunes gift card that actually made it possible for him to walk to the computer.
As a family we've been treated to delicious dinners as our extended family has taken it upon themselves to feed us.
I've always been eager to cook for families in need of attention, but it is at times like these that I can truly appreciate what a gift it is to know you don't have to think about making dinner.
The surgeon has an excellent nurse to whom I've spoken several times each day - she is matter of fact but caring and has been supportive but knowledgeable and firm.
One only realizes how valuable good nurses are under the worst circumstances and she has been second only to K in her assistance.
And speaking of K, he was supposed to be editing this week, but it fell through, and even though I have done many hospital stays with Youngest on my own there is no way I could have done this one without him.

He will be fine.
We will all sleep again.