joy interrupted

Positano is a beautiful place.
One can take an afternoon to look at the clouds and the cliffs and watch a tiny boy playing happily in the sea.
One would be lucky indeed if one were on Paola’s boat doing these things.

And, afterwards, you could have crispy hot pizza at the seafront.
You could play with Brizio and tease him and fall in love with him.

After you are full from the pizza and beer, have Brizio run our on the dock and
Tell Giovanno to take us back to the boat. (Brizio pronounces it boe-et).
Giovanno and Brizio will chat in a funny and friendly way across the harbor.

Next you should have Paola bring you to the beach near the Torre.
Play in the surf –
Laugh at beautiful Paola making jokes and, for some very strange reason, bringing very Large stones up from under the water and carrying them further out.
Boys will be jumping off the side of the cliff into the water.
A gorgeous woman might be topless – but don’t worry, Paola will joke with you about it.

Walk home exhausted, with plans for a perfect evening the next day at Paola’s house. Fabio has the fish, He has a great meal planned.

Sleep the sleep of the dead.
This is the way the day should go.

Do not, instead, see a long black snake on the path to the house.
Don’t call home so quickly, Youngest may not sound so well.
Don’t wonder if you should not have traveled halfway around the world.

Stay in Positano,
Eat more gelato.
Watch the storm roll in from the sea. Feel like newlyweds. Stay for a week, soak it all in.

We have come home early.
Youngest will have surgery in the next few days.
He was well taken care of but we could not be so far from him with him not well.
It took several hours of hand wringing to arrange.
Paola and her family swept us up in their arms, in the rain, and out of

We would never have managed so difficult a journey without someone who has proven herself so dear, so loving. She made countless phone calls, absorbed unexpected costs, carried our things, dragged her husband and son to help retrieve us.
Her efforts were overwhelming, and before we knew it we were flying away.

Youngest will be fine.
And so will I – but it broke my heart to leave – no so much Positano, but my friend.
My Paola.


RW said…
prayers for you all.
robiewankenobie said…
::sigh:: bb, i'm really sorry. i know that this break from the stress of this year meant a lot to you. i'm glad to hear that you are with youngest, even though you had to leave a part of your heart so far away.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear. I'm glad Youngest will be fine. How sad to have to leave your idyll, though.
Jan said…
My heart sank as I read your post, for both you & K and Youngest. At least you enjoyed a little getaway in Positano, some time with Paola and her son.
All good thoughts and prayers for Youngest.
Caterina said…
Oh dear. Oh my. What a beautiful, rare friend you have there. And good healthy wishes to your son.
kt said…
So sorry your trip was shortened--sending all the best wishes for the boy-o.
MezzoCO said…
! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way . . .
islaygirl said…
oh dear. sending much love.
Geggie said…
So sorry that you had to cut your trip short, but I am glad that you are able to be with Youngest, he needs his parents with him. Your family is in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
keeping youngest in my prayers. and so happy that you have met Paola. a truly wonderful friend she is.
Unknown said…
Oh my heart is broken for you and for youngest. How worried he must have been wondering if you would get home in time. Poor bambino. And you, your trip cut short. Like is unfair! It is wrong. You must return.

I'm so sorry. We send hugs.
Heather said…
Oh BB. I'm so sorry ~ for the worry and the being so far away. Sorry for Youngest. Sorry for you and K.
country mouse said…
Same thing everyone else is feeling: so sorry your trip had to end sooner than planned but grateful that you were able to return to your Youngest.

And one day, it will be a fun story to tell of the time you jetted off to Italy to see a good friend for a couple days : )
Suse said…
Saoirse said…
oh my goodness--prayers to you all!

AFTER this is all over and AFTER youngest is home from surgery and bounding about, I will send you an e-mail updating you on a few things here (the sun does follow the storm).
Anonymous said…
You barely had a chance to adjust to a new time zone.

Paola sounds lovely.

Update us soon about Youngest, okay?
KPB said…
Wha? Huh?
I blink and wha?

Big hugs to you and yours m'dear.

Jennifer said…

Give youngest extra hugs from us too.
Anonymous said…
You and K will have forever, but by coming home for youngest, you will know forever that you did the right thing, he is yours, your legacy...and what makes you mom of the year.

Kids first

I lost my password....again
Badger said…
What Kim said.


This happened to DH and myself once, but the child in question did not actually need surgery, we did not have a Paola, and we were not in Positano. We were in SAN ANTONIO.

So, nothing like your situation at all, really.

I'm sorry.

Good thoughts.
Carol said…
I'm so sorry - what an ordeal. I hope it all turns out well and that you all get some sleep.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry, you planned for so long...but I am sure that youngest appreciates your presence closer to home more than he can tell you.
Keep us updated.
Stephanie said…
oh, I have tears in my eyes. what a hard situation, all around. what a beautiful situation, all around as well. (so much love)

I'm so sorry. I will be praying for all of you. xo
Anonymous said…
Ah, well. I hope you and Youngest will be all right.
Eliane said…
Oh dear Blackbird, what a tragedy. May youngest be well soon!
Anonymous said…
Friends are fabulous, kids are, well they are kids. All will go well but we are so sad because you were on vacation vicariously for so many of us!
Anonymous said…
Aw, I'm so sorry. I hope youngest is on the mend soon. Yay for Paola stepping in.

Paula said…
You made my heart fall to the pit of my stomach.

I am placing all of you right here next to my boy in my heart, dear bb.

All will be well.
Anonymous said…
Oh sweetheart! I'm so sorry.... that youngest. Your little heartbreaker. He'll be fine. As I try to tell myself during the most difficult moments, there's a good reason for everything -- it's just not evident yet. You're all in my thoughts. I wish I could be with you and give you a big hug. Life's so, um, challenging, eh?
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry too-but youngest will not forget this-ever. Hope he is well soon. I will pray for you all.
alice c said…
I can only say that Positano will be there next year - and so will K - and so will Paola. Youngest needed you now and however difficult it was to make the decision and the arrangements you won't regret it. Ever.
Life can be so tough when we have to make choices but don't look back and feel sad. Plan your next treat even if it is theoretical - dreams don't cost anything.
jenny said…
Sending you and your family the best of thoughts. I'm sure Youngest will be fine, like you've said, but I cannot imagine the feeling you must've gotten when you spoke to him. Oye.

Life is so much better with friends like Paola, isn't it?
Anonymous said…
{{{ hugs }}}
Anonymous said…
I'm new here, but what exactly is wrong with Youngest?
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry about both Youngest and your interrupted vacation. Hugs and best wishes to all.
Ellen Landrum said…
Truly it is the people who make the place- what an unforgettable time, in the best and worst ways. We'll be thinking of Youngest and checking in . . i love italy.
Emery Jo said…
I'm so sorry. You did the right thing.

There should be more Paolas in the world- I'm so glad she was there to help you in your time of stress and need... paola power!
Amy A. said…
You are the best of mothers.

Praying for youngest and taking deep breaths for you.
tut-tut said…
The only thing you could have done, period. Youngest is on our prayer list, as are you all.
Donna said…
I cannot imagine what that phone call must have been like. My heart hurts for you.

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment.
Unknown said…
So sorry you had to cut your lovely getaway short, especially the reason necessitating the early return.

But I am glad you got to go, even for a few blissful days, and that you returned home safely.

Here's to Youngest's speedy recovery! And the beautiful Positano memories you get to carry with you forever.
Anonymous said…
You are where you are supposed to be at this moment. Wishing you joy, happiness, sleep and most of all a healthy Youngest.
Anonymous said…
Praying for you. And for Youngest.

And prayers of thanks for friends there when we absolutely need them.
Defunct Lisa said…
oh, that is so sad. The plight of the parent! But now you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I hope you can redo your vacation when everyone is out of the woods.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry.
Take care, all of you.

Anonymous said…
I wish you all the very best.

TheOneTrueSue said…
Oh, I'm so sorry...