I'm going to speak about Jennifer Aniston for a bit

I've been sitting around a lot.
We can blame it on jet lag if you like, or exhaustion. Whatever. (Also, how do movie stars get checked into hospitals for 'exhaustion,' because I think I need to see a movie star doctor. Unless exhaustion is code for drug overdose, which I might be able to arrange.)
I watched a bunch of movies yesterday. I saw About A Boy, which I've seen before and is a good one and I'm wondering if Youngest might like, and I also watched Along Came Polly.
My head was kind of muddled by the time Along Came Polly was over but I feel the need to discuss some things.
It was so formulaic, this movie.
I can't stand Ben Stiller, I don't think Jen is a particularly great actor, although she is nice to look at, and the story was just crap.
Of course I kept watching.


It's about Rubin, a risk analyst, whose wife fools around with a scuba instructor whilst on their honeymoon.
So, my first question is: when did Hank Azaria start looking like this?


Because, the last time I saw him? He looked like this...

hank <span class=

It's like discovering that Frances McDormand

<span class=

really looks like this:

body builder

But I'll talk about her in a minute.

So Rubin goes back to the city and meets Polly.

<span class=

Polly is a waitress with a very different lifestyle. She's all wacky and goofy and she has a ferret.
Rubin is a planner, a calculator - he'd never have a ferret.

<span class=
This ferret is blind, or deaf, I CANNOT REMEMBER, but, mark my words - the ferret is important to the plot.
As are fart jokes.

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Rubin's best friend - JACK BLACK.

playing Jack Black

I mean it. I know PSH is a fine actor, what with the whole Capote thing, but in this movie he stops bathing and did the best Jack Black I've seen in a while.

And look, here he is with that indie film actress who makes me nuts -

<span class=

she makes my neck itch. I just learned that expression and I'm liking it.

Of course Rubin and Polly end up together and it's all just ducky.

And Alec Baldwin does a good job of playing an asshole.

Alec Baldwin, good things

So, back to Frances McDormand. I really like her very much. Much better than Jennifer, sorry Jen...

<span class=

Jen always looks pretty, doesn't she?
I'm bored with the whole jilted lover/tough little trooper thing that the media paints for her.

A few weeks ago I caught more of a movie with Jennifer AND Frances.
Friends With Money.

When I first saw Friends With Money I watched about a third of it and gave up.
But this last time I watched it I liked it.
Sure the plot is shallow and weird and it has that smoky room/hazy lens thing going on, but there's something about it that grabbed me.

<span class=

And this guy does a good job of playing an asshole.

Friends With Money is about three couples and their single friend, Jen, who is Olivia.
Olivia doesn't have any money and the couples are all loaded.
Each of the couples has their own level of dysfunction, which can be difficult to watch, but it has a great cast:

<span class=

look! It's crazy Joan Cusack!
Actually, she's really quite sane in this movie.

<span class=

There's the one who makes my neck itch.
I still don't know her name.

<span class=

AND there's Frances, showing us how big something is.
I READ that Frances made the film company come to HER to shoot the last scenes she was in, in NY, because she has a contract clause that says she can only be away from her family for a certain amount of time.
So I like her.
THEN I saw this photo:

<span class=


I loved the art direction in this movie.
FM plays a clothing designer and all through the movie I thought there was something familiar about her costumes and the clothes her character had created.

friends with money

I've seen these outfits -

friends in <span class=

I've LOST BIDS ON THESE OUTFITS. (Yeah, it sort of IS the same shot twice. SUE ME.)

mirror shot

The clothes are all from Dosa. Which. I. Love.

Of course, in the end, Jen/Olivia falls in love with a sad man who has way more money than anyone else.
What a hoot, eh?
I know, mixed feelings.

wearing black

Look. They all wore black on the press junket.
What a shock.

Not a great movie. But good to look at if you don't feel like unpacking.

See how I started by talking about Jennifer Aniston?
Where'd I go with THAT?


Paula said…
Alec Baldwin always does a good job of playing an asshole.

He's either spectacularly type-cast or a very good actor...
Anonymous said…
The itchy neck actress? Catherine Keener? Wasn't she in the "40 Year Old Virgin?" And the indie film, "Lovely and Amazing," which had a great trailer and was a movie full of characters who seemed too whiney for their situations.
alice c said…
Hey!!! I had no idea that you had won an OSCAR!!! There are so many questions to ask...Were you very tearful in your acceptance speech??...do you keep it on the mantlepiece??
Anonymous said…
Catherine Keener makes my neck itch, too. She ruined The 40-Year-Old Virgin for me.
Anonymous said…
Good god woman. What the? Anyway, I have to agree with your assessments. I too dislike Ben Stiller but I really, really can't stand Adam Sandler even more and for some reason I think they are secretly the same person. I liked Jennifer Anniston better before she got that new Dudley Dooright chin.
Badger said…
I'm going to have to insist that you back away from Frances McDormand. She is mine; I laid claim to her AGES ago, and I have blog posts to prove it. (You want links? 'Cause I can GIVE YOU LINKS.)

That being said, I too dislike Ben Stiller. And Jennifer Aniston is the one who makes MY neck itch.
KPB said…
Now i know it is far from ideal circumstances to be sitting around watching movies.

But can you do it more often.

And while Badger may lay claim to Frances, the one that makes your neck itch is Catherine Keener.

And if it was from me that you got the phrase it makes my neck itch then I am way stoked. As this is something I overuse in blog and real land and has so many uses.
Alec Baldwin did a good job as the asshole because he is one in real life.

Jennifer Aniston cannot act to save her life. She could not convey the concept of falling even if she were pushed off a cliff.

But! It sounds like you are working your way through the jet lag thing and getting back to normal.

And that does NOT make my neck itch.
country mouse said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you for astutely pointing out the Jack Black impersonation in that sucky film! Hubby and I also watched it yesterday (a rare snuggling-in-bed-in-the-afternoon indulgence.)

I actually liked Jen in "The Good Girl." Or maybe I just liked the sex scene with Jake G . . .

Either way, I have skin allergies and my neck literally does itch. Ugh.
Geggie said…
No one really seems to like Catherine Keener. But, she must KNOW someone to get all of that work.
Anonymous said…
I quite like Catherine, but Frances, she stole my heart long ago in Fargo.
All the best for you and your family on Monday, BB.
MizMell said…
Absolutely LOVED Frances in "Something's Gotta Give." If you haven't seen that one, you should. And it has JACK Nicholson in it...

And as far as Jen and the Brad thingey--she needs to just LET IT GO and move on.
tut-tut said…
Well, your sense of humor is helping you cope, I hope! I have a friend going into surgery today.

Keeping Youngest in my prayers . . .
TSintheC said…
I loved Friends With Money. I watched it on a plane back from Amsterdam. Twice. on the same trip.
Jennifer said…
Gah.. I can not stand Joan. I can't stand to look at her, I can't stand to hear her voice and God help me if she laughs cause I'll scratch someones eyes out. I don't know why. I just cringe at the thought of her.
Anonymous said…
I was expecting comedy when I saw Friends with Money and was disappointed. I may have to watch it again, after reading this.

I really liked Keener in Being John Malkovitch, but that's it.

Jennifer Aniston will NEVER be Frances McDormand.
Anonymous said…
Of course the boy playing the asshole in Friends with Money is James Caan's kid. Acorn/tree, etc.
Defunct Lisa said…
you are very talented
TheOneTrueSue said…
I actually liked Jen in Friends, but she hasn't been in a decent movie yet. Or maybe she's the one bringing the movies down, I'm not sure. I cannot STAND PSH. Ugh. Hank Azaria looks so photoshopped with that body, with his head on top of that body that just does not fit him...
Anonymous said…
Why am I the only man that comments here? Does that say something about you or about me?


I like Catherine Keener. I think she's hot. I think she's talented.

Did you see her in Capote? As Harper Lee? She was great.

You know what makes my neck itch? Shaving. And scarves.
Unknown said…
Hope your son recovers well. I would be beside myself if my son was ever in that situation. I watched that first movie with my son...we both sort of walked away within the first 20 minutes. It was baaad. The dialogue was particularily awful and so overdone.