a big red parade

We had an exciting afternoon here in Tuvalu yesterday.
The Tuvalu National Highway/Department of Public Works put barricades at each street,

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there were police officers everywhere and the fire departments of many neighboring villages assembled. With bag pipers.
It was the anniversary of the Tuvaluan Fire Fighters and there was a big celebration.
We didn't go across town to the party, but the parade passed right by our house.

To add to the excitement, our house was not only on the parade route, but our side yard was part of the staging area...

lining up

We had half a dozen trucks outside and these guys. Pipers! Warming up and standing with us in the shade before it was their turn to join the parade.

hanging with a piper

We offered them chips but it seems that corn meal isn't good if you're going to play pipes for a few miles.


We had a wonderful time hanging around with them.
At one point I went to the middle of the street to ask them about those little knives in their socks.
When the enemy has overtaken you, you slip the knife outta your sock and slit your own throat, I was told.
I didn't get to see what they carry in their little bags.

reviewing stand

Sufficiently prepped, we waited for the parade.
(Youngest joined us and, as you can see, is in full chip-eating mode.)

color guard

Finally, it began.

kids with axes

You've gotta love kids with axes. Unless they are in your living room.

the bravest

Hundreds of officers in a sea of blue.


So. Many. Trucks.

sea of blue

So. Many. Firemen.

We clapped and clapped and clapped.

police band

There was a police band.


And a Maritime band - they wore nifty hats.

But the best bands were, of course, the pipers.

off to march

Our pals went off to march.

spats and skirts work

Others passed by while we cheered.


Accessories were admired.


Great pipes were heard throughout the town.


old truck

There was much to admire.

drummer use

breathing air

We love us some breathing air.


What about the Not So Alert fire company?
Or the Kind Of Groggy fire company?
Middle suggests the Ready To Kick Some Ass fire company.

line of red

It doesn't matter what the company is called. They are all heroes to us.


Paula said…
I love firemen...they saved my house once...and my little dog too.
Geggie said…
I love a parade! (And firemen too!)
Heather said…
Firemen and beer ... what a nice afternoon.
BabelBabe said…
ah yes, the skean dhu. CMU may have had a weenie mascot (a scottie dog!) and weenie "colors" (Tartan?!? what sort of school colors is 'tartan'?!?!?!), but we had our kiltwearing men with all the proper accoutrements. Yum.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Virtual parades are even better than the real thing - no sitting and waiting ;> thanks for sharing.
Stephanie said…
We were at a fire station open house this weekend! I have a lot of posts that I want to comment on and I'll start here:

"unless they're in your living room" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Youngest looks wonderful and was that your new empire dress? v. cute. :)
tut-tut said…
Looks like you had the best seats, too.
Anonymous said…
It's so nice to see you, even just a glimpse.

What a lovely parade, boy that was a LOT of firemen!
Badger said…
Very kewl!

There used to be a piper who would practice every evening in the park behind our house. It was a nice way to wind up the day.

I think they keep their keys and cell phones in the sporrans. No pockets in a kilt, dontcha know.
I do so enjoy seeing men in kilts.
Unknown said…
We have one of those outfits. My great grandfather was in the Scottish American Club in Cleveland, Ohio. It fits my brother. Nice pictures. Glad your youngest is doing well.
Sarah Louise said…
I kept scrolling down--what was the occasion? The equinox?

Very fun parade, tho. Thanks for sharing.
Caterina said…
"I didn't get to see what they carry in their little bags."

And what about what they're wearing (or not) under those skirts ;) ;)
KPB said…
That is the kinda thing where I tear up instantly and people look at me with derision.

And the bagpipes?

Oh how I adore thee.

(One day I shall share with you the crush on a boy who lived on my street and played in his school's bagpipe band/ensemble)
islaygirl said…
i love firefighters so much that i put a big story about them this quarter in the magazine i edit. they're on the cover, too. LOVE me some firefighters.
Unknown said…
What were the spray bottles (in the 4th photo with corn chips) for??

I'm dying of curiosity...
Major Bedhead said…
Mmmm, men in kilts, men in uniforms, yummy.
Mary said…
Bagpipes and the melodies played on them make me cry. Not sad crying though. Just tears.
dottycookie said…
Alert Fire Co? Fantastic.

I think firemen are complete heroes - I'm glad they had a day to celebrtate themselves.
MizMell said…
Nice parade. But I just don't see firemen the way most do. I have a bit of an "inside secret," you see. I was married to a firefighter for 18 years.
Alice said…
Always exciting in Tuvalu!
Anonymous said…
Those bags carry things like flint rocks or whatever little objects they might need.

They're filled with solid heavy things to protect the wearer's naughty bits. It's true, I saw it on the Travel Channel.

Notice where they are worn. If you get to protect one thing on you, if you're a man, that's what you protect.