banes of my existence, part two of a continuing series

I'm vexed - this time: upstairs.

I hate it when prescriptions are not labelled the way I need them to be labelled.
I didn't go to medical school. If you tell me it's Tylenol with Codeine or a generic thereof, it should SAY that on the bottle. APAP #3 does not shout Codeine at me and I'm working with half a dozen small orange bottles. In the dark. With a kid in pain.

Or, how about purchase a bottle of mouthwash. It has a plastic seal over the cap. You peel the plastic off at the perforated line and remove all but one ring of plastic around the neck of the bottle. This becomes impossible to remove, and makes me crazy.

Why do my clothes pill? I have expensive clothing that has pilled and inexpensive clothing that does it. Of course, it happens to the garments I love most and I have used a variety of methods to de-pill my favorite things but none of them work. I have found myself shaving an entire sweater 20 minutes before church, working with lint brushes or tape and yet I know people who NEVER have pill-y sweaters.

Socks. Don't like them. Sock season is upon us.

Sugar packets. Tearing them open gives me the willies.


BabelBabe said…
I peeled off my socks and put them in my purse halfway through my shift at work last night. HATE socks.

No idea about the pillng but it happens to me too. My theory is that certain people are born knowing how to not pill their clothes, and also how to look like you were just ironed ten minutes ago. (It's like having family money, or something...) Because I? Even when I iron? Am wrinkled in ten minutes.
Terese said…
I have just discovered that bamboo clothing doesn't pill, see some basic at

And I know your household likes bamboo!
And why are you so grumpy? Not enough sleep? Not enough booze? I hope you get plenty of both this weekend. :-)
Julia said…
My favorite sweaters pill too, even before washing! says that good knits should be allowed to rest between wearings - maybe this is why favorite clothing pills? No rest for the well worn?
alice c said…
I had no idea that there was a problem with pilling on grass skirts. The answer must be bamboo or cunning outfits made of flower petals - surely all that is required as you wander from hut to seashore on the lovely island of Tuvalu. And socks? I can't get my head around it. Everybody knows that you don't wear socks on the beach.
Elan Morgan said…
I make sure to turn every single item inside out before I wash it, I only wash things on the gentle cycle, and if something's extra pill-bound, I put it in a pillow case and run a very loose stitch across the top to keep it from rubbing against things in the wash.
Poppy B. said…
Schmutzie's right. It's the laundering--well, friction. Ditto to everything she says, also be careful not to crowd the machine.

I say this trying to sound like an expert. Even though the underarms of my expensive (read: cashmere) sweaters pill like an aspirin factory.
Alice said…
I just totally agree... now why can't this be common sense?