the answer

Middle was working on the computer last night.
He went upstairs to get a Snapple and, upon his return, saw an earthworm crawling across the carpet.
After attempting to pick it up with his fingers (ew), he spied the container on the desk and scooped the worm up with it, ran upstairs, and deposited it in the garden.
Being the responsible young man he is, he immediately washed out the tube.
Being the lazy young man he is, he left it, wet, on the dining room table - leaving K and I to wonder what had occurred for several hours.

An earthworm.
In K's office, in the basement.


Anonymous said…
Don't lie.

You put it there so K would find it and you two could reinact a scene from "Secretary."

You dirty bird.
Anonymous said…
I think it had something to do with Miss Scarlet.

Be glad it wasn't more than just a worm. I once worked in the basement of an old academic building and I regularly found newly-hatched snakes in my office, which meant that Mama Snake couldn't be too far away.
tut-tut said…
An earthworm creeping across the carpet . . . ? What gives?
Anonymous said…
You know how much I like people who rescue worms.
Terese said…
we have southern leaf tailed geckos at our house, centipedes and the occasional lost frog. I keep meaning to go to the hardware store to buy some under door gap fillers.
Anonymous said…'s morning here and I can't laugh too hard. I have a bad cold.
But I agree with you...he he he...
Anonymous said…
Well, I still don't get it, but I did think about it last night. And I was still thinking about "it"
when I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep, because I was thinking about it.

So I don't get it, I'm going to go stand next to Dan and Paola, because I think I'd fit in there with them just fine.

Anonymous said…
Once when I was in college, an earthworm made it to the middle of our living room before my two roommates and I (three girls) discovered it. There was much screaming especially since it had been the "Year of the Worm" that spring already, and then when we attempted to lift it with a pencil, it shrunk up and dropped off, leaving one roommate to scream that we had cut it in half! I still have no idea how the thing made it in. It's very bizarre to find a worm in your house.
Anonymous said…
I found a bat roosting in my washer (in the basement) the other day. Without my glasses I thought it was a big piece of dark colored lint, or maybe a jeans label caught in the mesh on the sides. Fortunately it was roosting on the far side where I could see in, so it didn't get washed. It got en-toweled and removed to the back yard, squeaking the whole time.

Bats, mice, the occasional grackle. But no worms, so far.