and it's only wednesday

Keeping our collective chins up here at chez Bird, we sent Youngest off to school today.
K and I could actually be home alone and my thoughts turn to cleaning the bathrooms.

Yesterday we got a call from our Belgian friend. She had left us some presents, on the porch.
Yeah, it's good to have a Belgian friend who works for a Belgian food importer.
On our porch was a case of these:


and a case of these:

the heart shaped ones

the heart shaped caramel filled ones.

Last month she left a case of these -


We're still working on a recipe which combines all these ingredients.


Joke said…
Oooh...Belgian connections!

Well played.

Geggie said…
Delish! Can she leave a case of Belgian beer or frites with curry ketchup?
Anonymous said…
They say Belgian chocolate is supposed to be very good.
Is that true?
Nice friend though.
TheOneTrueSue said…
MMMMMM, caramel. How come you get chocolate on your doorstep, and I just get phone books? The world is unjust ;>

1. Find a comfy chair.
2. Brew a pot of soothing tea or the drink of your choice.
3. Add to that at least one of the Belgian treats.
4. Sit for at least one hour, relaxing and enjoying the goodness that life brings.
5. Repeat as necessary.
She She said…
You have very nice friends.
Badger said…
Recipe, hell. Dump it all in a bowl and eat it with a big spoon. It saves time.
Alice said…
when do the Belgium waffles come?
Mary said…
Heart shaped belgian chocolates.

Caramel filled.

That would be the only recipe I need.
Anonymous said…
Is it weird that I thought twice today about this youngest (and his first day back at school)who I have never seen and whose name is a mystery but who made my heart squeeze when he was ill? It's weird, isn't it?

At any rate - I'm glad normalcy is returning. I find comfort in the normal.
islaygirl said…
i need some belgian importing friends.