ten for wednesday

1. I find this fascinating. I do wish I knew more about the text.

2. I had an appointment with a Genius yesterday and he gave me a new power cord and keyboard. My Applecare ends in January.

3. When I was in Chicago, all the ladies in the house had Bobbi Brown powder eyeliner and the RIGHT shade of BB lipstick. Now I want both.

4. I was in a state, yesterday when I answered the phone, thinking it was someone we need to hear from and it was that damn fake policeman's association trying to shake me down.

5. It was ten dollars less to order these things from Drugstore.com rather than Amazon.

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drugstore order

And I only wanted to order them because I cannot buy them all in the same brick and mortar store.

6. Why did I bookmark this? Anyone?

7. There are some new commenters here. This excites me.

8. Paola continues to send me gorgeous photos of life in Positano. We are counting the days.

9. I'm off today to visit my aunt and uncle. Youngest will swim until he is blue and we will have girl time with my mother and cousin. F-u-n.

10. The dog adores the cherry tomatoes K has grown. Each night, while he prepares dinner, he accidentally drops one or two. Last night he realized that she is color-blind.


Anonymous said…
Just in case you wanted to know - my eyeshadow is slate and the lip color is raisin.
tut-tut said…
6. Must be because of the Mosaic Garden Globe.
KPB said…
For this kids summer craft projects link? Your guys sound like they'd love that.
Birchsprite said…
Dogs only see in black and white ... I think
Anonymous said…
...and life in Positano will be momre fun when you get here...keep on counting.
RW said…
I have to say that I am looking forward to your trip - it will be great to see the world through your eyes!
Poppy Buxom said…
I think you bookmarked that link because you like the pictures--not because you plan to go to a lot of flea markets so you can bring home a lot of old junk, arrange it artfully as tablescapes, take pictures of it, and upload them to your blog.

Because you have rocks and Middle's foot! And that's all you need.

Also, when I bother to use eyeliner at all, it tends to be Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner, which is awesome, except I can't figure out how to clean the brush.
Stephanie said…
Did she eat something that she thought was a tomato?

Ever since I saw the tatoos that you & your husband have I've wondered if you had more on the other arms. Have you shared this information before?
kt said…
Our loopy dog eats dried cranberries and radishes.

Go figure.
Suse said…

What tattoos?
Joke said…
A) I have trouble with the word "Nuti-Pure."

B) Whenever we get that shakedown call, I ask the caller "are you a police officer?" When they invariably answer in the negative, I say "I'd prefer to speak to a police officer on this matter."

Anonymous said…
OMG I love the idea of the story told on the bodies of the people with the text. Conceptual art that is an actual CONCEPT and is interesting and thank you for showing me.