The only thing better than listening to Me First And The Gimme Gimme Gimme's doing Stairway To Heaven, is listening to it whilst watching this:


I only wish I could have found them doing the dance on youtube.


KPB said…
ah yes, can I sit next to you, as my day today was a lot better too.
Glad it was a better day. Fridays can be that way.
Anonymous said…
Good to hear you're better today.
I am melting away here...the heat doesn't give up. It's still around 101/102 F° and believe me, it's not funny anymore.
Jenny said…
Hi BB,

I'm definitely a lurker on this site. I always think that you have the life that I want when I'm your age. You've confirmed it with the Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. Your cool level is exorbitant. I hope your family realizes it.


P.S. I'm not actually commenting on your age, but at 25 I'm closer to Oldest's age.