stuff I like right now

These are (presently) a few of my favorite things:


Surya Henna Cream. It colors my hair, hides the gray and isn't toxic.


My bathroom. And, more specifically,


the map that hides the other medicine cabinet.

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My tin of Nivea. Thank you Irene!


Rainy days.


All the green.

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Scott Extra Soft.

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K. Installing the dishwasher.

stripping plastic

Middle -

plastic peeling1


peeling the protective plastic off the front of the dishwasher. A job we all covet.

Finally, sleeping with a blanket - it's been cool here at night. (I don't have a photo for THAT.)


KPB said…
Can you post a non-identifying picture of your hair to show the colour? I have an inexplicable fascination with henna (one of the girls in our mother's group used it and always had the shiniest, most luscious hair) but fear if I do it myself I will be the woman with the orange hair to rival that of Beaker off The Muppets. Which was what happened the last time I tried to colour my own hair. In 2001.
KPB said…
Your troll?
Stephanie said…
I absolutely love your bathroom. It is like a magazine bathroom! Nice work in there...that medicine cabinet map door is perfect. And the bottles of sand!!

What else can I gush about? I love twix, too. And oxiclean, but the spray. Must add to my list today...thanks.

Yay! for your new dishwasher!
RW said…
really, he chatted with the troll. as in a telephone conversation or online? how was that?

I covet your kitchen sink. It is on my wish list.
She She said…
I love your bathroom -- very cool idea, the map. I may steal it. And the sand, the curtain, the open shelving. You have great taste.
Anonymous said…
Oh, the dishwasher arrived...that's nice.
Yes, your bathroom is very very nice indeed, and I particularly like that map there.
I've been doing henna for 20 years, but had to stop due to the consequent horrible synus it brought the next day, since you have to keep it on top of your head an hour and all...
Yay for not having to wash dishes by hand!
Anonymous said…
Cool curtain.

blackbird said…
Hey - the curtain in the bath is from Ikea!
Joke said…
I covet that sink.

In fact, if I had a sink such as that, there would be a strong chance that one day my wife would surprise me in a compromising position with it.

Anonymous said…
I love the map.

I also love the oxiclean, but I use the liquid because the powder makes me sneeze.
Anonymous said…
I have been known to eat Twix bars in bed.

K is a manly man, indeed.

Did he give the troll what-for?
MizMell said…
So happy for you that your dishwasher has finally arrived!
Anonymous said…
I'm with Kim - would love to hear more about Surya - which shade you chose and the color your hair is now. I can't seem to dig up product reviews about it - how on earth do you find these cool things?!

Elan Morgan said…
I'm glad that you've finally got your dishwasher!
I'm all envious because ours has been broken for months.