Saturday, I think.

We made a landmark decision and moved our bedroom furniture.
I have a different view now and I'm enjoying it.
But moving the furniture was not the important part - we also switched sides of the bed.
I have been sleeping on the right side of the bed for, I think, 20 years.
My side is closer to the bathroom.
We are going to switch again in 2027.

We took Youngest surfing yesterday.
It was very windy and the ocean was choppy so he had a hard time.
Just east of us 9 kitesurfers were tearing it up. I was awesome to watch.
But the high winds made it tough for Youngest and we retired to the beach shack for
cold beer.
Why is the beer at those places colder than the beer at home?

In other news: our dishwasher, about which we've received numerous 8am confirmation of delivery calls, is officially discontinued. As such, we will not receive it.
I've ordered a different one off the internet, but we're still looking at two more weeks of hand washing.
This should be my biggest inconvenience in life, I'll tell you....
As my girlfriend would say: Happy Problems!

We're going to my brother's today for a pot-luck barbecue.
There will be swimming and laughing and Feats Of Strength.

Pictures and commentary to follow.


Anonymous said…
Switching the bed sides.
That is challenging.
robiewankenobie said…
what has gotten into you? switching sides? insanity, pure insanity.

my question about the beer...are you chilling the glasses? my guess is yes, in which case i have no idea...but it is certainly a truism. those places always have colder beer.

here is to happy problems! huzzah!
Cold beer - good.
Hand washing - bad.
Switching sides of the bed - confusing.
Paula said…
I don't think I could sleep on the other side of the bed.

I can't even change the part in my hair...
Emery Jo said…
Almost nightly I pine for my hubby's side of the bed. It just seems better than mine for some reason. But, alas! He is NOT BUDGING.
alice c said…
How can you do that? It is not possible. Every woman sleeps on the right side of the bed. When I watch films and the woman is sleeping on the other side of the bed I know that the film has been reversed by accident. Don't do it to yourself - you will feel disorientated for the rest of your life.
Defunct Lisa said…
During our kitchen remodel, the contractor destroyed our lovely Bosch. It took three months to sort out the details and get the new one. This included the month of December which means that I hosted 3 friends for an 9 hr cookie baking bonanza, a cocktail party, and Christmas Eve dinner, all without a dishwasher. Good time!
I feel your pain.
(and I don't think I could ever switch bed sides... the thought gives me the heebyjeebies.)
Anonymous said…
You switched sides? I didn't know you could switch sides.

I'm going to try that. Next week. Or maybe the week after that.
Alice said…
Switching sides?!?
You dare to do the impossible!
KPB said…
Chef and I have a running gag that 'we don't have sides'. The last time we switched as a few months back during early Grover pregnancy, but I got jack of it so we've swapped back. It's quite liberating I think. Chef also carves out a nifty groove in the mattress which is very lovely to lie in. So now I'm just waiting for him to re-establish the groove before we switch once more.
Beer always tastes better - and colder - when drunk anywhere except your house. But wine tastes fantastic wherever you are.