It's been a cold, wet, quiet day - I've been to the Washeteria (sic) and the supermarket.
I've done laundry and vacuumed.
I took Middle to the dentist and got out of cleaning the kitchen.
We are watching Cooking At The Academy: Charcuterie, Sausages & Pate and it is gruesome.

We are a little bored.

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I like charcuterie, but now that I've watched this tape, I no longer have an interest in making any of it.

goat cheese

Some goat cheese with my meat would be nice.


I'm not fond of goats.

water chestnuts

I hate water chestnuts.

yo yo ma

I love Yo Yo Ma.


I love candied ginger.


I'm 50/50 on gravy.

go kart

Go karts,

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Not so much.

Our anniversary rapidly approaches.


Nice, huh...
I like typograhic tattoos.

Picture 5

This would be fine too.


Sinda said…
I was just rummaging through Flickr and saw your pictures up, so I knew there was an interesting post brewing. It's fun to see them first and try to imagine what on earth could possibly link them together. The answer? Our beloved Blackbird.

I like the new Crocs, they're very unobtrusive. I can't get behind the red strap, though.

I hope you have a quiet, peaceful weekend, full of cheese. And wine. I hope I have one of those too, come to think of it.
Anonymous said…
I on the other hand like water chestnuts...fresh not canned.
I have no idea what charcuterie and giada are, so I'm guessing food is at a higher level in the BB household than it is here in Virginia.
islaygirl said…
wait wait wait, are the tattoos you and K?
tut-tut said…
ha! is that still of Giada doctored or for real??
KPB said…
One of the things Chef and I will be doing in our Great Sea Change is producing our own smallgoods and smoking some cuts of meat.

LOVE water chestnuts. Felix hates them and picks them out, even if I chop them up.

That Giadia character has only just started appearing on our tv screens and I am far from impressed. She actually made doughnuts from pizza dough one episode. WTF? That nailed it for me. She's kinda pretty and thinks she can cook - lets give her a show! Far from impressed.

And goats cheese - in any form - is my fave.
cupcake said…
Hate water chestnuts (and what exactly are they, pray tell?), but I do like Giada. Let me put it this way: I'd rather watch her for five straight hours than spend five straight minutes watching Rachael Ray.
Badger said…
I would like to go on record as being 100% in favor of gravy.
Caterina said…
ooooo, I'm with cupcake, not a RR fan either. But hey, what's wrong with Giada? I like her show.

And Yo Yo Ma, yes yes sir :)

Can you please disclose where you got the salts? You posted about the salts during blogher, I believe.
Joke said…
Cooking At The Academy...LOVED that show.

I'm 50-50 on charcuterie.