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About the henna...


This is my hair. Sometimes it is a little lighter than this, sometimes it is a shade darker.
I have always used 'light brown' or 'golden brown' and once or twice I have dipped my toe (or hair) toward 'dark blond.'
Isn't it fun to stand in the drug store and try to figure out the color of your hair with those little pictures on the boxes of dye?
My hair is probably very dark brown and grey. Lots and lots and lots of grey. There might not be any brown at all - I don't know, I haven't seen it in a long long time.

One of the friends I have breakfast with has gorgeous thick curly hair and one day she said she was using this terrific henna from the health food store. But not a health food store near HERE.
One evening we were at her house for dinner and she went and got the box and raved about it and I looked more closely at her hair and decided to find it and try it.
She stressed that the cream is much easier to use than the powder, I guess because of the applicator bottle and the fact that it is pre-mixed.
I found it at amazon for a couple of dollars less (but with shipping unless combined with one of their shipping deals) and ordered it.

While I waited for it to arrive, I read ANOTHER article about cancer and hair dye.

It got here, I used it, I loved it.

The color samples on the box are TINY. I used 'golden brown' because she did, but it's tough to figure what some of the colors might look like.
I had half an inch of grey that it covered nicely.

If you've never colored your hair before it might be a good place to start.
It does seem like going to a salon for oodles of money is a trap - and your hair is never the same color it WAS.

The henna is $6 to $8.


Henna gave you that awesome color? I'm there. I've never colored my hair in my 38 years, but the time has come to cover the gray.
Anonymous said…
If only all the people in my life were as responsive as you. :o)

Your color looks really natural. Like you, the potential cancer/dye thing is a concern. I'm skeptical of the "made from rare and exotic herbs and fruits" in the product description though - how rare can they be for that price, but oh well... since it works, I'll let them get away with that one.
Heather said…
Holy Crap (and that's not about the henna).

However, amazon? I'm going to check it out.
She She said…
Does it fade out, or does it last? It's a nice warm color. I may take the leap and cover the gray. I'm starting to look like my mother!
RW said…
this sounds like a good alternative worth checking out - my hair would be totally grey if I didn't colour it.
Anonymous said…
I've been doing the red for 20 years (they say only red is real henna...I don't know...)and I am SO SAD I had to stop it.
Now, I am paying lots of money and don't have my lovely colour anymore.
Anonymous said…
Since you're responding to inquiries, where'd you get the curtain?

Badger said…
That is some damn cute hair.
blackbird said…
...the curtain is from Ikea!

mckie2 said…
Wow - I always thought henna was red - I used a henna rinse in high school that gave me red highlights. I do color - Preference med blonde - but it is rather caustic to my head. I have baby fine hair that defies curling and coloring has helped some. I need to try this!

Fannie said…
Not grey people!!! SILVER HIGHLIGHTS!!!