pictures from Paola

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Every day I am more excited to see Paola again.
She has answered dozens of questions covering everything from scooters to seafood, and it sounds like she talks about us as much as we discuss her.

Happily for me, she has agreed to request a few little things from Tuvalu, so now K and I get to hunt and gather.
Sadly, some of her requests are no longer available...


How did I not notice her vibrant nails?
Perhaps these colors graced her toes.

Youngest and I are planning a Target trip.
I know a wee Italian boy who likes Spiderman.

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And I know two grown-up travelers who are excitedly planning their trip.


KPB said…
you better be blogging from this glorious destination. I'm not sure I could survive three weeks of you being silent.
Anonymous said…
I have a darling, dour, grumpy Italian hairdresser whose goal in life is to go back to Italy and live in Positano. He tells me each visit, "Loletta, you must go."

So I know you're going to love it!
Paula said…
I'm so excited for you!
You're going to have the most amazing time!
RW said…
I am envious - but in a good way!
Anonymous said…
How nicely you displayed the shots.
Needless to say everyone is welcome to come, I will be more than happy to assist Bb's blog friends.
For now I am focusing on them and the anticipation to see her again is really a lot.
Joke said…

I am deeply jealous. I may have to go to Confession when you blog about the trip.


P.S. Paola, se siamo fortunati, la prossima estate viaggeremo a Positano.