phrases I'm practicing

1. Sono caduto sulla schiena.

2. Senza costi aggiuntivi.

3. Il motore fa uno strano rumore.

4. Sarei lieto di auitare.

1. My book says this means: I have fallen on my back. Useful.
2. At no additional charge.
3. The motor makes one strange noise.
4. I would be lieto of autaire. I haven't a clue what this means.


Caterina said…
I know that lieto means "happy." No idea about the rest. Ooh, how I miss father used to speak to me in Italian all the time. But I remember niente....tsk tsk, triste triste.
You probably want to learn how to order wine and maybe ask for directions to the bathroom. :-)
Heather said…
"Where is the nearest ATM?"

I learnt that in Italian and it was very useful. I even used it in Prague (which is nowhere near Italy).
Anonymous said…
Say them together, and it's fun.

"I have fallen on my back at no additional charge."

and that's how you have fun in Italia.
MezzoCO said…
Sarei lieto di aiutare = I would be happy to help (you).

Any other translation needs, send 'em my way :)
Buon viaggio!
Anonymous said…
The ATM comment prompted a totally out of left field tip: Sister just went to Europe for vacation. As these were unusual charges for her, after a day or 2 in, the bank (or credit card, don't know which exactly) froze her funds as "fraud." She had a couple of days of dollar-less Hell. Don't forget to give them a head's up.
Anonymous said…
I was falling asleep as you all went through the "Italian lesson".
Bb, you impressed me with your translation and Katy you did great ( maybe you're Italian???).
Other than that.
You don't need much.
I am here to help and solve the problems. Translations, ATM, money, falling on your back (could try and avoid this?)...whateva.
And I: sarò più che (more than) lieta di aiutarvi.
jenny said…
'The motor makes one strange noise'...sounds much nicer in Italian then it does in English. Do you have one for "my engine light came on again and i hope it doesn't cost me a fortune"? that's the one I need.
Anonymous said…
I really like #1.
I'm not even joking.
I've done that, last winter, in the fog of those steroids.
And I.could.not.getup.

So forget the niceties, the hellos, a pleasure to have met you's and all that, and memorize #1 until you can say it backwards.

{chin up}

MezzoCO said…
Grazie, I myself am not Italian. But I am an opera singer and had to learn the beautiful language!