notes for Thursday

K is off to a spec shoot.
He's shooting a barbecue competition that a co-worker is defending his title at.
S is the Grand Champion Of Wing Sauce, I think, and there will be three days of prepping and cooking and eating and K is shooting it all.
Today he will be interviewing S and I have added some questions to his list -
I'd like to know if S has a lucky apron and if he garnishes.

S's team, The Stupid Fat Guys & Smokin Babes Suicide BBQ have been prepping for a while and put K on their email list. I like reading them:
Please note: any projectile vomiting brought on from excessive consumption of food or drink should be aimed away from other team members and all exposed competition meat. Although bile is indeed unsurpassed at breaking down fibrous meat stuffs, it is not listed as an acceptable marinade according to Tuvalu BBQ Society rules.

In other news:
Have I mentioned that K is infatuated with bamboo products?
I'm not sure if it's the green side of him or that fact that bamboo things feel so lovely to touch, but he often picks things up at Blood, Bath and Beyond or Crate And Barrel and shows them to me.
Oldest bought him a bamboo cutting board (which I have neglected to oil) for Father's Day and he loves it.

cutting boards

We have a couple of bamboo spoons which I love to use. They are much nicer than other wooden spoons...


We would both enjoy a bamboo salad set. We don't own a wooden salad bowl and I think it would be nice to have one.

salad set

But, yesterday, while out shopping, K and I saw a bamboo product that we may not be able to live without...

Aston Martin

it's a car with a bamboo veneer interior!

Aston Martin

Pretty, no?

Aston Martin

It's an Aston Martin.
I prefer to pronounce it ASSton Martin.
It's only $179,500 and it was parked outside the pizza joint.

His birthday is in October.


BabelBabe said…
not efficient at all but verrrry powerful and verrrrrryyy pretty. and environmentally conscious? : )
MizMell said…
V12? Geez! Who NEEDS a car with that kind of power beside James Bond?
Joke said…
The purpose of a car such as an Aston Martin is to make sure we drop, once and for all, our sad dependence on fossil fuels, making sure there won't be any left.

As re. bamboo, I'm crazy about the bamboo-handled Shun knives, myself.

Geggie said…
There's a new building/construction material to replace plywood that is made out of bamboo...appropriately named, "Plyboo". I love it!
Fannie said…
My birthday is next week. I'd take the bowls... or the car!
Heather said…
bamboo flooring ..... oh, I want it.
Stephanie said…
I want to feel the bamboo sheets I've heard about! And, I'd love a better-than-wooden spoon.
Anonymous said…
Now, when you say his birthday is in October do you mean we should chip in? Because I don't think I can buy it all by myself. Seriously, I need help.
Anonymous said…
We have bamboo floors in the upstairs bathroom. They're really very nice. Softer and warmer than oak. And easier to clean.