my green thumb

I like seeing people's gardens on their blogs.
I'm envious of their landscape skills and knowledge of botanicals - but that won't hold me back from posting what's going on in my garden...

window box

These little pink things are doing well in my window boxes.


Several astute readers were correct - these look like Zinnias to me.


I've got some of these yellow things in two different areas.
A pink version is growing very tall in another spot.


This vine is doing well. It blooms in the fall.


The pumpkin vine is doing nicely too - but its flowers keep falling off. We don't know what to do about that and suspect it is the dog's fault.


We've got a good crop of this pinkish purple stuff. It all leans to one side looking for the sun.


More pink stuff.


Again with the pink.


The bush that gets clusters of white flowers and smells sweet is healthy looking.


My lemon tree has decent fruit. Although it's a bit cool here right now, I think the crop will be a good one.


Saoirse said…

And, as one who is extremely horticulturally challenged, inspiring!
islaygirl said…
gorgeous. i miss the east coast of tuvalu. so lush and green.

would you post a picture of the dog? please?
Suse said…
Little pink things in window boxes = impatiens.

Pinkish purple things leaning toward sun = japanese windflowers (they like shade and moist soil).

Again with the pink = yarrow.

The pumpkin flowers are probably falling off because they're male and therefore not interested in turning into fruit. As the vine matures it will start producing female flowers towards the end of the vine, they will hopefully be pollinated by birds and bees and male flowers, and you might just get fruit!

Someone will probably correct me on all those, but that's how it all looks from where I sit.
Suse said…
Correction - it's the 'more pink stuff' that is yarrow, not the 'again with the pink'.

And yarrow is also known as achillea.
BabelBabe said…
the yellow are rudbeckia, i think (black eyed susans) and the purply pink counterparts are probably coneflowers, they look very similar.

when does the white-cluster bush get its clusters?
Anonymous said…
Suse is right about the impatiens.

I guess that must be pumpkin growing out from under our back deck. I was trying to yank it out yesterday thinking it was a weed. It won the yanking contest, so it's still there. I think I'll leave it alone and see if it produces any pumpkins.
MizMell said…
I was ready to help identify, but looks like everyone is way ahead of me! Your blooms are lovely.
Wish I had a lemon tree.
KPB said…
I would have said the pumpkin was losing it's flowers because you've been getting lots of rain and they don't like having soggy feet (roots) but Suse's explanation sounds a lot more scientific and grown up.

I dream of living in a house with shingles.
Jennifer said…
It doesn't matter to me what they're "really" called. I like the yellow things and pinks and whatevers :)

I have never seen a lemon tree before. It's nice
scarlettm said…
"Again with the Pink" is Phlox. Looks like you've got powdery mildew too - ugh.
Suse said…
Phlox! Of course!

Kim, shingles is PAINFUL.
Stephanie said…
I covet your vines. :)
Anonymous said…
I had missed this's so nice.
I am NO green thumb, but appreciate the colours and the flowers.
Alice said…
now you need a lime tree.. wouldn't that be lovely for your gin and tonics?
alice c said…
Three things...
1. I have been trying to grow Japanese Anemones for years without success.
2. It is not fair that you can grow lemon trees when you get snow.
3. I don't want to scare you but that pumpkin vine looks very Triffid-like..