monday on tuesday

1:37 am - Wake to hear a small commotion downstairs as K, Middle and Youngest are preparing to leave the house to see meteor showers.

1:50 am - Am mesmerized by this playing on the television while the boys found flashlights, as how could one NOT BE?

2:08 am - I manage to tear myself away to look for "meteor showers" with the boys on the front lawn.

2:15 am - Having determined that the yard is not the best area to view "showers" we adjourn to the car.

2:17 am - Stand on mosquito infested beach, squinting past heinous lights of some kind of barge-thing, attempting to only breathe into tee shirt as beach is awash with some fetid material.


2:35 - Return to vehicle where I am accosted by Middle, who wants to show me "how blinding this flashlight is."



2:36 - A raging foot/slap/flashlight vs. camera-flash fight ensues.

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fight use


2:41 am - Return home and stumble to bed.

9:07 am - K wakes me for Youngest's dental appointment.

9:45 am - Power Band applied to Youngest's top teeth. Six more weeks of silver teeth. Leave office feeling depressed.

9:47 am - Return home. Call oral surgeon: a mishap caused us to receive the bill for $3299.00 on Saturday. We DO have insurance. Heart rate slows.

9:50 am - Covering physician will write prescription for medication needed to fly to Italy.

9:55 am - Learn dishwasher, scheduled for delivery in 24 hours, will now be delivered on Saturday.

9:57 am - Accept offer of $50 gift certificate for my patience in this matter.

9:59 am - Meet with K to discuss his plans to film a barbecue competition at the end of the week.

I can't keep this up.
We ran errands, picked paint for the front door (a Benjamin Moore gray green) and then went to my mom's where K hung a mirror we gave her three years ago and fixed her ceiling fan.
Middle went to a museum, Oldest was out all day, and Youngest played on the computer.
I did laundry and cleaned the first floor.

I capped off the day with a huge burger at my pal's house and we sat and watched The Queen on her giant television, which was fun - but it's a sad movie.

I'd have to say, the foot fight might have been the highlight.


MsCellania said…
Gray-Green - YAY! Poifect.
Anonymous said…
Love the foot fight shots! Your flash illuminates without washing out everything.
Anonymous said…
F was out in the garden some 10 six hours before you guys...waiting for the same meteor showers...isn't that something? But I did not join him...I was stuck in bed with one of my horrible headaches...HORRIBLE.
Foot fight looked indeed like the highlight of it all.
Susie Sunshine said…
You sure have cool kids and shoes!
Fannie said…
Where HAS the mirror been for three years?
Stephanie said…
I can't wait to see the new paint color! It sounds lovely.

Your 2:17 entry would have left me in tears...what a good sport you are. :)
Anonymous said…
I loved it when the kids became old enough for the occasional foot fight. It isn't so much fun playing that game with a toddler.
Paula said…
You're way ahead of me, I got home last night and all I've managed is to unpack the suitcase and drink a beer today (well, there was food too but you know...