L's annual food and athletic events

It was quite a day, Saturday.
Between great food and laughing until our faces hurt, we managed to participate in sporting events.
And no run of the mill sporting events would do.
You may recall our exploits last year...

He may have outdone himself this year, my brother, and he is still recovering.
While the food was superb, I think the laughing to the point of pain and the athletic events coupled to exhaust us.

Don't get me wrong -

jimmy in a wheelchair

There was plenty of eating.

Hysterical stories:


(I know this doesn't LOOK too funny, but, the punchline was: the next day my mom had a stroke. Okay: which doesn't sound funny either, but believe me, it was. The point is: don't sign your business emails with 'hope all is well' or you just may find out.)

big guns

Doesn't it look my tiny nephew has a homemade bazooka and a beer?
You are half right.

with a pina colada

Doesn't skateboarding with a pina coloda sound like a recipe for the emergency room?
He escaped unscathed.

But there was ball throwing to be done.

an easy one to throw

Not this ball.
Nosireee, this ball would be too easy to throw.

We use a bowling ball.
We have a line judge -

the line judge

We were very serious about stance and grip...

the stance

the pitch

the grip


The release is a definitive moment -

K throwing

the release

L post throw

And the opinion of the judge may be disputed.

the judge

Beverages are barely set down long enough to make a call.

the ball

K retains his title.
We went home exhausted and very full of good food.
And where was sweet Middle during all of this?

Middle and S

Getting sunburned at an all day outdoor music festival with his girl.
His parting gift from the concert organizers: a case of deodorant.

How lucky ARE WE?


jenny said…
the boys seems to be well outfitted with weaponry...always makes for a good cookout.

congrats to K on his big win.

love the crop of middle's picture.
tut-tut said…
Is that your dainty blue-toenailed foot?
Anonymous said…
See, you were right, you didn't need ANY of that free Dove deoderant at Blogher.
Poppy Buxom said…



Paula said…
Have a safe trip!
What, no Swan this year?

The bowling ball hurling is just too great. Are prizes awarded or is everyone's respect enough?
blackbird said…
There was a wonderful swan but I missed the shot - and there are no prizes, save for the mutual respect of the group...
Joke said…
Were the concert organizers, y'know, hinting?

alice c said…
You are making it very difficult for future family historians in Tuvalu - family trees will be based on the relative age of knee caps and elbows.
Alice said…
Do you thing all the wii-ing made you guys more prepared for the activities this year?

Oh, and thank god for deodorant. But, watch out, it's tag, have you seen their commercials?
hollibobolli said…
You are very, very lucky. This whole post reminded me of my family... a little bit crazy, humor that might not be completely understood if you weren't in the moment - but tons of fun. It looks like a blast.