trots by

1. K took Middle to bust the location of his dreams. At midnight. For two hours.


2. Soon-to-be blogger "Martha" (WATCH FOR HER) spent time on my blog seeking photos of my living room to make this set of flags to give me at Blogher. The thoughtfulness of it touched my heart.


3. I admired these ceramic eggs at my SIL's home. She gave them to me.


4. I am caring for a neighbor's parakeet whilst the family is away for a few weeks.
They gave me the key to their home and told me to use anything, including the home, during their absence.


5. Our friend W has spent immeasurable time teaching Youngest to surf, has loaned us a surf board and always brings good wine to our home.


6. Our door didn't look right. I asked the internet. The internet answered. K has corrected the problem.


Love the flowers. And the eggs. The door step looks good. Have you chosen a new color?
tut-tut said…
First photo, commentary: very mysterious to me.

Don't change that 3 . . .
Jan said…
So many things swirling at your house!
Love the doorway...that dark piece did the trick. Nice job, K!
Anonymous said…
There is absolutely, positively nothing that will replace friends. Ever.
Anonymous said…
Still need a step there-it looks unfinished
Alice said…
Love the flags... she doesn't need to search for pics of my living room, I'll send her the dimensions!
or she could just shoot me some instructions.. i would do it myself!

love the eggs too..