it's like it's 1945 in Tuvalu

We haven't seen our mailman since June.
You know he is dear to me...(scroll down)
We could only imagine, as we had several substitute letter carriers arrive at our home, that something terrible had happened to him.
We asked everyone we saw from the postal service if they knew where he was and we got various stories but eventually were told that he was fine but out indefinitely on leave.
Finally, yesterday, he arrived with our mail and we sprang from the couch (me, K and Oldest) and ran to greet him.
He IS fine, thankfully, but, as it turns out, he has been the victim of terrible racial prejudice and had had enough.
He went out on leave while he filed complaints with superiors, but has had no satisfaction as yet.

We were reeling with this information. Outraged for him. Angry at the offenders. We offered anything we could think of to assist him. Could we write to someone? Could we speak on his behalf as his customers?

It hurt my heart to hear how he had been treated.
Both K and Oldest wanted to 'deal with' the offender - but our dear letter carrier would hear none of it.
I'm dealing with it the way it should be dealt with, he assured the boys.

I know that the people in our house have liberal/progressive views.
I know that our children have been taught to never see color - and I am proud that they don't.
I do understand that Tuvalu is not like the rest of the world - I get that.
What I cannot understand is how there are still people in my world, in my town, who humiliate others.
I never write about topics like this, I'm apolitical on my blog - but I am hurt for him and embarrassed for his coworkers.
He deserves so much more as he has proved himself a dedicated and thoughtful employee.
If he were a different kind of person he'd surely have a million dollar lawsuit pending.

In other news: we have no news.
One matter that was on my mind has been resolved to our advantage and for this I am grateful.
Other matters still hang in the air. K is much better at waiting than I am and I worried over the expense of our trip aloud the other day -
Should we not go with so much unsettled? I moaned to him.
No way! It's a celebration of 25 years together, he answered.

And that was the end of that.

Youngest is excitedly cataloging his new school supplies -
Middle, WHO IS VERY 16, doesn't want to HEAR A WORD about the start of school.

Some things never change. Children go back to school, parents worry, we second guess things all the time, and there are still bigots among us.

One can only hope that those with good hearts will triumph.


Paula said…
I am familiar with the process to which your guy is referring and while it may take some time, it will be resolved in a positive way for him. I can't say how I know, but I do...

And yes, it is a crying shame that that kind of thing still goes on in this country.
Heather said…
what is it? "Be the change you want to see in the world, and raise your children likewise"? I'm betting Tuvalu is a better place because of your 3 colourblind children.
Joke said…
If it's any consolation, our conservative/libertarian household is adamant about race blindness, and were we in your position, we'd be spittin' mad as well.

Human decency crosses ideological boundaries.

MizMell said…
Bless you, bless you. You are a bit eccentric, but only the truly worthwhile folks are, right? I am thankful that you are a truly progressive liberal sort of person--and that, my dear, is precisely why I must read your posts every day.
Anonymous said…
I did not start objecting to the wars in Afghanistan/Iraq until the guy who works at the 7-11 around the corner stopped wearing his turban and shaved his beard. And he had a bruise over his eye.

He was Sikh, too, which just made me even angrier that the mere presence of a turban-like adornment would target him for Muslim-directed racism. This proves just how stupid these people can be--they can't even get their racism right.

That guy was my favorite, too. Always perky and had funny things to say. After he got beat up, he never smiled anymore.

Wait, is this my blog? No this is not. I'll stop.
Anonymous said…
Poor mailman. That sucks. It's too early for me to be more eloquent than that.
It's hard to believe that this sort of thing still happens in this day and age, but it does. I hope your mailman gets speedy and positive resolution to his situation.
MsCellania said…
Just know that there is a special place in hell for horrible bigots (and other worthless individuals), and it involves needles in the eyeballs in the very least. I sleep better knowing this.
Anonymous said…
Wow, it's so strange to read that such things still happen in Tuvalu. WE think that is "the most advanced" place in the world...
Guess I'm wrong...
Hugs to your mailman!