Inspired by this, sent to him by my brother B, Middle has produced a number of short films and posted them on youtube.
All this time I thought I was the Queen of the internet, and now, it turns out, he may be real internet royalty.
While I'd like to correct the spelling and grammar on his entries, I'm delighted that he's such a zealous fan/filmmaker.
He and K crashed a location the other night to get footage of the shooting through the trees.

It turns out that I may just be a little impressed.


Wow! You have begat talent!
Anonymous said…
More brilliance bursts forth from the witness protection program. You go, nooneimportant77! Shine on!
Badger said…
Wait, the monster is CTHULHU? For reals? Or is he just kidding? Because that would be AWESOME. (Er, the first thing. Not the kidding part.)

He is indeed very talented. But I had to Zapruder some of that text in order to read it all. I am old and slow.
KPB said…
That is all very very impressive. Internet royalty indeed.
But I'm with Badger, I had to replay and replay (I have no idea what Zapruder is) to read his witty copy.