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My associates feel that my previous post may be intrusive, and this, coupled with my needs for privacy and a commenter who made me think twice have lead me to say:

Go read Susie -

She did this absolutely accurate portrait of me.

Picture 1

All Rights Reserved: Susie Sunshine, copyright, c in a circle and that shit.


I loved Susie's post today!

Does this mean you were wearing some sort of amazing chunky beaded necklace???

I think we may have the same hair and glasses.
Anonymous said…
Is that a cigarette in your hand?

Lurve the sandals. :)
Poppy B. said…
The toenails should be BLUE.
MizMell said…
Nice to see you put those cigarettes to (multi)use (scaring off paparazzi).
Anonymous said…
Ha! That was a great post -- over at Susie's. You become more intriguing by the day... you elfin foodie, you.
alice c said…
There is something vaguely Hobbity about this picture...but I don't want to offend so I shan't draw attention to it.
Alice: Are you referring to hairy Hobbit feet? :-)
alice c said…
They are sandals. SANDALS.
Anonymous said…
That is a cig.

I just noticed it in that most excellent portrait.

Oh, bb, it's all about breathing.

or it's
Lights Out

Oh well. Susie is a swell draw-er.
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, Susie did a GREAT job with that sketch.
No picture needed.
And the description was simply hilarious.