if wishes were horses

I wish K would hear from a certain person.

I wish I had a little more time at home this week.

I wish I hadn't left my swimsuit at L's house.

I wish I would remember to take my pill in the morning.

I wish there was less crappe in my bedroom.

I wish it would cool off a bit in the evenings so we could open the windows.

I'm planning to do some housework today. Too much gallivanting - and I'm not done yet.
K is busy sanding and painting the exterior doors to our house.
I'm toying with the idea of having him do the front door in a color.
You've seen my house

the porch

do you have a suggestion?
And why does my door seem to float like that?
Maybe I need K to rip out that ugly metal threshold and put in a wooden one. Painted black. So it can rot.

We are dining at the home of dear friends tonight.
In the morning, I'm taking Youngest to visit one of his friends and spend some time at the beach. We'll be back on Tuesday.

I'm busy putting together photos from yesterday. We had a great time at my brother's house.
I even competed in the athletic events.



MsCellania said…
Last house we had a deep, dark, brick red door. With a large brass lion's head knocker and a brass kick plate.

Now we are going to have a dark greenish/grayish door. Brass kick plate but darn, no knocker.

I think shutters and front door painted a dark teal, brick red, green, gray or black would look good. But it's difficult to tell what color the house and trim really are based on images via the computer. Also, if you get direct sun on the door am or pm, it will radiate heat back into the house.
I hope K hears from that certain someone, too.
Anonymous said…
Blue like your toenails?
And I would pay to see some of your synchronized swimming.
Carol said…
Red. The door needs to be red.
Anonymous said…
Periwinkle, or a similar lavenderish-blue.
Jan said…
Dark plum.
And maybe just a frontpiece of wood under the doorstep instead of shingles. It would visually anchor the doorway and change that free-floating look.
Caterina said…
Any color. I love front doors that are in color, even though mine is white (bluh).

I wish I would remember to take my pill in the morning. --- Do you take one every morning? If so, what do you do to remind yourself?

I wish there was less crappe in my bedroom. --- Me too!

I wish K would hear from a certain person. --- Keeping my fingers crossed for him!
Red is always good for a front door. But, as others have suggested, periwinkle or sage would be nice too, if it's not too girly for your house o' men.
RW said…
I vote for some kind of red door too.

I think you need a step of some sort - then your eyes will follow the step to the door and not see the break on the bottom.

I wish you a most productive day and some enjoyable fellowship in the evening.
Anonymous said…
I also think you need a step, the top of which would be about an inch below the bottom of the threshold. Here in the north woods a couplethree cinder blocks would do the trick. Somehow I think you will do better :)
Unknown said…
I like a bright purple door myself. One that stands out from all the other green, white, and gray front doors in the neighborhood. We have neighbors with an orange door. I do not advise this. But any bright color is good. Red, Yellow, even a lime green might be fun!
Stephanie said…
Hydrangea blue is my suggestion. :)
Elan Morgan said…
I go for blue, darker than your toenails but in the same colour range.
Anonymous said…
I go with red for the door. Seriously. It would go nicely. Maybe you need a little porch.

I love your house the way it is, though.

Anonymous said…
I painted my door orange. Not burnt sienna, not terracotta, not pumpkin, just ORANGE. And? I love it.

Going to look for the inside photos of your house to offer a suggestion.
BabelBabe said…
black. very glossy black. and you need a step, maybe a foot or so wider than the door but centered on it, so you can put a potted plant or something on the side. step should also be black, very glossy, to match door. of course a deep grey (with a blue tinge not a brown one) would be lovely as well, and go nicely with blue flowers : )
islaygirl said…
i like the dark plum idea.
Paula said…
My door is red and it makes me smile.
Anonymous said…
I like the eggplant or dark plum idea, too. I might go matte to hide dust and dirt.
tut-tut said…
Add a step. But I'm liking that 3 very very much indeed.
Alice said…
Ooh, door color, definitely a good idea.
But what? I can't help you with that...that's personal!

(I like the plum and red suggestions).
KPB said…
A fire-engine red in high gloss. Red front doors are meant to bring good luck.

But going off the colour of your shingles, maybe a blue with a leaning to a lavender tint? That said, maybe a high gloss black?

I'd love to have a front verandah like that.
KPB said…
We have a high gloss red front door and everyone loves it and it makes me feel happy. Weird.

I'm disappointed there are no synchro shots and am sending "make the call" vibes on K's behalf.
Anonymous said…
yes- I agree a step is definitely needed- more than one- two-
lots of choices there!
brick- wood- stone- slate-
paint the door YOUR favorite color and it will warm your heart every time you enter!
Kim J.