home again

but not for long...
planned for the following days:
a surfing excursion
a family barbecue
dinner with good friends
an overnight with friends to the east for more surfing.

god's curtains

The mountains were lovely, the river was cool and refreshing and Youngest had a wonderful time with his cousins and their friends.
K's sister set up a large, soap covered tarp on a hillside and the kids slid down it screaming with delight.


She's a brilliant improvisational cook (a skill I envy) and had wonderful meals for us.
The house is very groovy too -

map bathroom


The cousins had a fabulous time rafting...



But last night, K experienced a problem that he's had before - he had a spasm in his esophagus which makes it impossible for him to swallow. Usually a bite of food lodges itself deep in his chest and he is in pain and can't do anything to help it pass lower. Or higher.
Usually he can walk it off, but the last couple of times it has happened he has been very uncomfortable and last night the attack lasted two hours.
He refused for a while, but I eventually got him in the car and we set off on dark mountain roads with hastily scrawled directions to the hospital.
Of course we got very lost.
K convinced me to stop at the police department for directions.
Of course they called an ambulance, which he didn't really need - or maybe he did, I could no longer tell.
They settled him in and with me ready to follow them at 80 miles an hour, they started off: at 25 miles per hour.


He got excellent care. They gave him an intravenous dose of glucagone as we waited amid felons, dog bite, and knife-fight victims, and must follow up with a GI doctor now that we are home.
He is supposed to be on a liquid diet (he had a well chewed turkey burger for lunch) and clear fluids.
The pinot is open.

And we had a sign in the dining room that said: 30 days without an emergency room visit.
Damn it.


Annagrace said…
Oh man...I'm sorry about the ER. Glad he's ok--I'm sure that upon further inspection he will still be ok.

Your trip sounds lovely. I love mountains (that's why I live where I do, I guess)
Well, except for that whole ER visit, it sounds like a nice visit. I'm digging the maps wallpapered on the bathroom wall!
Anonymous said…
Oh BB & K, I am so sorry. When I saw glucagon, I thought of what we give our diabetic son in an emergency. Happy that you are home safe, Be well.
kt said…

Glad it was fun before the frenzy. I love that if I go away from the computer for a few days I always have a couple of your posts to read when I get back.

Hope all is well and that you have put up a new sign in the dining room. Perhaps you need those numbers on pegs to facilitate the changing date?

Foodie note--The preview for "No Reservations" or whatever they're calling the new Catherine Zata-Jones flick rang a bll and I rented the original German "Mostly Martha" which was nice. Worth a watch with some wine.

Sending warm wishes to Tuvalu.

(No it's not the same kt, but we are friends...)
Badger said…
Dude! My DH has had that happen. It was related to his reflux, apparently. Next to an asthma attack, it's one of the scariest things I've ever seen him do.
Joke said…
1- ER...yikes! Glad all seems well.

2- Surfing! Cool! I loves me some surfing.

3- I, too, dig the map room.

Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
Hey BB--you know I have the same esophagus thingie--the last time I ended up in the ER, the surfer-dude doctor came in and said, "I know this is going to sound totally crazy, but I'm going to give you nitroglycerin and then you're going to take a big gulp of Sprite while jumping up and down."

Sure enough, I puked all over him, but my blockage was gone. Now I have to have my esophagus roto-rootered once a year or so, as it is freakishly narrow and lacks "motility."
Heather said…
I was so distracted by the maps that I barely noticed the er part of the post.
you can totally see through pinot, right?
Anonymous said…
Hope K is better, he simply must get better as we have all this food!

I guess I could have a nice side dish of glucagon,and since google is your friend...

6.02 Esophageal Food Bolus Obstruction (Steakhouse Syndrome)

The patient develops symptoms immediately after swallowing a large mouthful, usually of inadequately chewed meat, the result of intoxication, wearing dentures or being too embarrassed to spit out a large piece of gristle. The patient often develops substernal chest pain that may mimic the pain of a myocardial infarction. This discomfort though, increases with swallowing, is followed by retained salivary secretions which, unlike infarction, leads to drooling. The patient usually arrives with a receptacle under his mouth into which he is repeatedly spitting. At times these secretions will cause paroxysms of coughing, gagging, or choking.


So I ask, is the drunkard too embarrassed to admit he has an affinity for gristle?
Anonymous said…
Poor K! But I love the sign!
Anonymous said…
Is a family vacation truly complete without a visit to the ER? I don't think so.
tut-tut said…
NOT a fitting end to what looks like an idyllic time.
I hope this is something easily remedied.

I'd like to stay at your sister-in-law's, though; just my style.
Anonymous said…
Last New Years Day (no, we weren't and hadn't celebrated) I was dressing in our bedroom, when I tried to take a regular normal breath--and I couldn't. And I couldn't the next try either. No breathing, just a bit of air to keep me going, but not for long.

Husband drove like the wind through the ravines of our lake to the ER which is not attached to a hospital, and I was getting only enough air to stay conscious.

The last thought I remember having was: this is the little place I'm going to die in.
And then all went gray and black until one of those dear people who worked in that rural "dump" gave me a shot of epi while another did something else and another gave me something so painful but it checked oxygen level in the blood--and damn, I'll tell you, those doctors and nurses couldn't have been better if I'd been at Mayo.

Later the guy who turned out to be my pulmonologist showed me a chart marking my "progress" when I entered the ER. It went up (blood oxygen ratio) and then plummeted. He said one more level lower than that, and I'd be alive, but brain damaged.

I stayed there for 12 days. There were no other long term patients.
But that crew of doctors and nurses saved my life, and nobody could have done any better.

You can't just an ER by its bricks and morter, I found out. It might not be Cedars Sinai, but inside you just might find the best and the brightest of the best and the brightest practising state of the art medicine.

For which I--and I'm sure you and K--are very thankful.

Take care.
KPB said…
Was K just feeling left out?

I do hope he's feeling better and the cure not too elusive.

Apart from that mini drama, those photos just made me sigh, a lot. stunning.
Anonymous said…

I meant to type:

"You can't JUDGE an ER by its bricks and mortar."

Oh well.

It's only 8 a.m. here, and I'm only
1/2 hour awake.

Lousy excuse, isn't it?

Anonymous said…
I'm glad K is OK now.

I want the map wallpaper.
blackbird said…

can you email me?
I don't know if I have it!
Anonymous said…
Damn it indeed.
But the river place looks fantastic and it all sounded great up until the "incident".
Paula said…
See? I turm my back for five minutes and all hell breaks loose.

The swallowing thing? Can happen with water too.

Hoping all is better now.
Quilt crazy said…
We have a saying in our family..."No ER visits this vacation!" We have visited way too many across the country for all kinds of crazy reasons. Hope this is your last visit!
Anonymous said…
My very best to K and to you.

TheOneTrueSue said…
Poor K. ER visit aside, you have such an amazing life. So much traveling, to such wonderful places. Lovely.

(Sheesh. Your life is written with an elegant and expensive pen, mine is written in crayola.)
Jennifer said…
You're very lucky to have family and friends that live in such a nice area to visit. Glad K is okay! I have a friend who has that problem as well. Only found that out the first time he came for dinner and I made Roast Beef. If I had known I'd certainly had made something a lot softer.

Well... we're off today on our vacation. See you when we return :)Hugs
Suse said…
Oh yikes! Blessings to K and hugs to you!
Caterina said…
I am LOVIN that map wallpaper too!

"a spasm in his esophagus"
That kind of thing would scare the hell out of me. Glad he's ok.