for Caleb's mother

Do you remember Caleb Potter? The young man who had the skateboard accident while we were in Wellfleet?
Caleb has rallied and had setbacks.
He is several surgeries closer to recovery, although what kind of recovery can be expected is yet to be determined.
His mother has a blog and reports daily on the events in Wellfleet, where the town has come together in extraordinary ways to support him, and on his health.
The mother of three boys, with Caleb sounding a bit like Oldest, she inspires me daily.
Yesterday she wrote:

We are all where we are supposed to be at this very moment.

And I thought she had written it just for me.
Isn't funny how other people's lives can teach so much?
Of course one can read anything they like in someone else's words, but Caleb's mother is dealing with so much and I admire her grace.

We continue to hold the Potter family in our hearts, and, next summer when we return to Wellfleet, we'll be sure to watch for Caleb so we can shake his hand.


Paula said…
She sounds like an extraodinary woman.

I will try to take those words to heart...
I am awed by her wisdom.

Thank you for sharing this.
Carol said…
Brave woman.

I mentioned Caleb's accident to my skateboarder. One mistake, in one short moment, can deeply affect you (and others) for so much longer. I will give him the update. Thank you for it.
Unknown said…
My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, now with their families, have been going to Wellsfleet for atleast 40 years... last two weeks in July every summer. When we were kids we spent a couple of summers there with them. I went over to Calebs blog and read some of the info and viewed pictures. I think i recognize some of the establishments. My heart goes out to the family. The community support must be such a blessing for them.
RW said…
Goodness - thanks for sharing. I am amazed and humbled by the expression of love for one man.

A good way to prepare the heart before going to Liturgy.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Such strength. That we could all have that, and so many people to support and pray for us in our time of need. Thanks for the update BB.
Anonymous said…
Oh Bb, I was thinkign abou thim in the past days and admit I was afraid to ask about him.
It is so relieving to hear he's better and to have a blog to follow his recovery.
Thank you. This is why I admire you.