The temperature has dropped.
While K and I remain pensive, the boys are happily settled in to the last part of the summer.
Oldest has been busy working and loves it, Middle is famous on the internet and has asked for a haircut, and Youngest has decided that this year he would like school clothes that have not been handed down. I look forward to a shopping trip.
All this has me thinking about the fall.
Of course K and I will be going away for the second week of September, but I'm starting to think about cooler days and school.
I've also been grabbing photos of fall clothes for a post later this month.
I've also been feeding my neighbor's budgie, and godhelpme, I actually think that owning a bird-pet might be nice.
He greets me with chirping, his poo isn't terrible to clean up, and he seems very sweet.
(He probably isn't even a MALE.)
Don't get too excited - I don't have a spot for a little budgie cage and have no desire to take on an additional pet, but I do want to say that this particular bird is now a friend of mine.
You never even have to touch them.

Anyway, I'm sitting here listening to Car Talk, looking for a banana for my Grape Nuts.
K is making crab cakes for dinner, quite possibly with homemade tartar sauce.

This has been one long run-on thought, hasn't it?


I'm so ready for fall too! Cooler temps, of course. Fall shopping. Different foods. School for the kids -- and not because I want them out of the house.
Anonymous said…
You are remarkably calm for someone WHO IS GOING ABROAD IN A FEW WEEKS. Not that I want to get you all agitated BUT DON'T YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING? Don't mind me, I am just reliving the 48 hours before I left for Italy, where I remembered that I had forgotten to learn Italian.
Stephanie said…
I love Car Talk...sounds like a perfect Saturday Morning.

Where are you going?? I missed that...
Anonymous said…
She's coming to my side of the world and I am SO happy I believe I more anxious than she is. That would be...Italy.
Talk about being ready for fall.
Sorry if I might sound snob to all of you internets but I am so tired of the sea, each and every day same old thing. The only thing I cannot complain about right now is the temps, it's cooler here too.
And Miz S, all she needs to do is pack a few sarongs, shorts, tankini and sandals. I'll take good care of her while here. And K too!
Joke said…
What? No remoulade?

Unknown said…
Um, any hints on where I might be able to find a fabulous man like K??

Holy cannoli, you're a lucky woman!! Not that it's luck, alone... you certainly deserve a keeper like him!
Anonymous said…
I've so done remoulade. Today was homemade tartar sauce (with capers!)

tut-tut said…
What's become of your dog?
Stephanie said…

I can hardly wait for your posts about the trip. :)
islaygirl said…
i'm with suzanne. i'll know i've found the man for me when he makes tartar sauce for me.
MizMell said…
You just think you want a bird... until you have to clean that nasty cage! I say hang a birdfeeder or two outside and left Mother Nature worry about the rest.

You said Grape Nuts... ever tried the Trail Mix Crunch? It's fabulous!
Elan Morgan said…
You've made me miss our birds.

I never really liked birds until we owned them, and it turned out that they were quite lovely and not at all like the reptiles I thought they most resembled.
Sarah Louise said…
I miss Car Talk. I miss listening to the radio on Saturday mornings...sigh. (I get Monday off for working Saturday, but they don't replay Car Talk for me...) (I suppose I could get it's this for a run-on comment??)

oh goody, the vw is all consonants and as long as the alphabet itself...