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MESSAGE: What is the difference between Sweet Relish and India Relish.
I've never heard of India Relish. What's it used for?

From: Karen Wood, B & G Pickles
Date: July 31, 2007 10:50:48 AM

Dear Mr. B
In addition to the cucumbers that are in our sweet relish, India Relish has celery seed, curry powder and peppers in it. It is a spicier relish that can be used the same way sweet relish is used. It has a distinctive curry flavor and since curry is used in many Indian foods, it was given the name India Relish.

- Karen Wood, Consumer Affairs

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I have included the legal bit to lend an air of authenticity.
K wrote to the pickle company after looking at relishes in the supermarket.
He's interested in making his own tartar sauce and working on perfecting his clam roll.
He's also repainting all of our exterior doors.
Someone needs to put him on a film project lest I get fat and run out of household renovations for him to do....

Some of us are headed north to visit K's sister at her bungalow for a couple of days.
Youngest will swim in the pool until his lips are blue, K will stand in the river for hours on end, and I will sip cocktails (sip? probably not) with his sister L and gab.
So, aside from this brief respite during which I vacuumed and did a ton of laundry, my jaw-flapping, wine-swilling lifestyle will continue in a rural setting.

Photos of the above activities are sure to follow.

Special shout out to pervy person googling 'playing doctor' and 'kid's privates' - oops! my post titled he plays doctor is about STUFFED ANIMALS.


BreadBox said…
Mmmm... homemade tartar sauce... now there's an idea.
Oh, and have a good time at the river!
Oh, and would you stop adding those side comments at the end that leave my clothes covered in coffee, please?
BabelBabe said…

also, i have PLENTY of stuff K could come do at my house. can he operate a mitre saw???
jenny said…
I always thought tartar sauce was just green relish and Hellmans, it never occured to me that it could actually be made edible by using a delicious relish.

And as to the last bit...EW.
RW said…
Whoa. You figured all that out from your site metre?

I'd be somewhat interested in hearing about the tartar sauce project once perfected.
Anonymous said…
hi--lurker here

what if that 'pervy' person was looking for other parents experience with their kids who recently discovered that boys and girls were not the same anatomically?

as for me, i landed here from emery jo's blogspot

Badger said…
India relish is WICKED good on hot dogs. I'm just saying.
Alice said…
If I ever have a random question about food, I don't ask the company... I ask you!

Enjoy the bit of vaca!
Terese said…
here is my husband's tartare sauce recipe:
Chop one french eschallot fine
Chop rinsed salted capers
Chop up pickled cucumbers
Stir into belgian mayonaise until it looks and tastes right.

There you have it....

Poppy Buxom said…
Terese is right! Capers are key.

Another thing that has been TOTALLY ruined is Thousand Island Dressing which has both capers and hard-boiled egg, but does anyone make it that way any more?
Anonymous said…
Good to know- about the difference between relishes!