the Survivors

It was a busy night here in Tuvalu. Nothing terrible, just lots of in and out of beds, walks to the loo, medication administration - that sort of thing.
We were told he should go with light foods for the evening, but he would have none of that.
Macaroni and cheese and a burger - with a vanilla shake.
Tolerated very well.
So, not much sleeping, but doing pretty well.

And now that we are all done with things medical (that'll jinx it, right?) let's move on to something of a less taxing nature:

It's that time again, and I've been doing my research.
Survivor China begins Thursday and I feel obligated to make fun of the contestants.
Good natured fun...

Aaron is a 32 year old surf instructor. I can't imagine there is much surfing in China, but I could be wrong. He likes the scent of nag champa and reading Newsweek whilst eating Fruity Pebbles.

Amanda was permitted to fly kites off the Great Wall in five-inch heels. I don't think there is ANOTHER THING you need to know about her.

Ashley appears to be our 'alternative lifestyle' survivor. She's a professional wrestler and, after looking at her photo, I wonder how that works out with two lip piercings and waist-length pink hair. Her list of favorite things is pretty short and I think she could kick some ass.

Chicken is a chicken farmer. It looks as though, at 47, that he will be our token old guy/character type player - but we're only up to C. He likes the scent of early morning and brandy.

Courtney looks like Gwen Stefani. She's a waitress and has been a "historical interpreter" (a tour guide in costume) at historic homes in Salem, Massachusetts." (do I need four quotation marks there?) She lists ivy as one of her favorite flowers. I'm thinking she looks good in a bathing suit.

Dave was a model, but now he's a bartender. He's 37 and his muscles show through his tee shirt.

I think it might be a treat for you to go see Denise's profile at the cbs site. She's a school lunch lady, which, in my eyes, is reason enough to give her a million dollars. She likes Frosted Flakes and Budweiser, which I COULD HAVE GUESSED.

Erik is a 26 year old musician with a pretty face and curly hair. He reminds me of Ethan the soccer player from years past. His list of favorites is unremarkable. There's nothing for me to tease about. He seems like a good guy.

Frosti is not a snowman at all. "He has been practicing Parkour and free-running for over five years and has been hired as a traceur (a practitioner of Parkour) and free-runner in television."
I have no clue what any of that means, but I'm sure someone will fill me in.

Jaime is a student who enjoys kickboxing. She's 22 and likes Vitamin Water.

James is 30, a gravedigger and GORGEOUS. He likes the scent of cigarettes and his favorite drinks are Old Fashioneds, Tom Collins, 151 shots, Patron, and Stoli. What's not to like?

Jean-Robert is a professional poker player. He's the Number 6 Card Player in the world. Perhaps he has a good poker face?

Leslie has four children and is a Christian radio talk show host. She was a finalist in the search for Kelly Ripa's job and has been in pageants. She's 38, very fit, and likes oreos.

Peih-Gee is a stunner. She's athletic and a former dancer. Peih-Gee has traveled a lot and is presently starting her own jewelry business. I'm thinking her name is pronounced Peggy.

Sherea is another stunner! And an elementary school teacher! She describes herself as sassy, outspoken and caring - which may or may not help her IN CHINA. If her name is pronounced Sherry, I'm adding some vowels to my name to keep up with the trend.

Finally, Todd is a 22 year old flight attendant. His bio says that he is an openly gay Mormon.
I may have been able to guess one of those things from his photo.

So, that's the bunch of them.
I've read a bit over at the spoiler sites, but the only thing of real interest was that there is no Exile Island, which is okay with me.

Join me on Friday mornings and I'll recap all the action.
(Although I'm pretty sure I have to be up at the school for one of the first few episodes.)


Anonymous said…
Very happy to hear that youngest is home, hungry and doing well. Yay. Hope he recovers quickly and is back on his feet soon.

Thanks for the rundown. Glad to hear there's no exile island (enough already) and I'm wondering if they are somewhere with water or if this is going to be another one of those "dry" Survivors.
Geggie said…
Ooh, Parkour. It was invented by some guy in France, I think. It's a freestyle exercise, think climbing things, jumping from them, tumbling and jumping. It's actually very interesting to watch.

And I wonder how that "openly gay Mormon" thing is working for Todd.
Jennifer said…
Glad to hear Youngest is doing okay. Make sure you tell him we said to REST!

I can not wait until Thursday!!!!!
Paula said…
Macaroni and cheese sounds just about right, boys are the same all over the place. All is well and he'll be right as rain in no time.

You know I love you, but I just can't get behind the Survivor thing...I'm probably the only person who hasn't seen it except for the ads.
She She said…
Thanks for the update on Survivor. I haven't seen it since my Oldest was my Only (2001?). The Jennifer Aniston bit was hysterical -- it's funny because it's true.

Happy to hear Youngest is well. Mac & cheese is manna from heaven for kids.
Unknown said…
Your personality profiles are hysterically funny. I think i will enjoy your revisions better than the actual show. Glad your son is recovering.
jenny said…
I am SO glad to hear Youngest is doing well. Vanilla milkshake? A man after my own heart.

Hah, I massacred both of those names (Peih-Gee and Sherea) when I read them and I'm betting you are spot-on with the pronunciation.

Gay? Mormon? Hmmm. No inner conflict there, I bet.
MsCellania said…
Of course the best thing about this post was the NORMALCY of it all. "Recovering from surgery, eating like a hourse, la di da, and here's Survivor." Yes, May I Again Say NORMAL. Which is very nice for Day 2 (after surgery).
Anonymous said…
OH, good news.
And I am impressed with the menu requested by Youngest.
You go boy!
Paula, we have mo and more in common. Intriguing.
Badger said…
alice c said…
Hi Beih-Bee,
I am not on Planet Survivor BUT I'm putting my money on James.
Anonymous said…
All I know of Survivor has come from your updates. However, the location got me this time. I'll be tuning in.
islaygirl said…
so glad youngest continues well -- and i firmly believe that milkshakes cure all ills. (that's how i got through my first trimester with the wee one. those, and pastry.)

Anonymous said…
I don't watch survivor either, but I enjoy reading bb's descriptions of the shows.

I'm glad youngest is doing well.
cupcake said…
Thanks for keeping us updated on your son. I am very relieved, for your sake and his, that he is doing well.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad youngest is doing well. The curative powers of mac & cheese have yet to be explored (a Gentile version of chicken soup!) Did you see the last James Bond film? The incredibly acrobatic chase scene through the construction site was an example of parkour - "the spirit if fluidity"
Anonymous said…
I am so pleased that he is doing well, and proud that he would have chosen my 'recovery' foods of choice.
Now you know I don't watch...the show...but I had to go to the site nd place a face to your descriptions.
She wears a mullet...a MULLET, and she is from my home state..I am so mortified for all of us.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Survivor lost me last season... After finding myself becoming a reality show junkie, wasting far too much time watching Top Chef, Top Design, Design Star and (shamefully) I Wanna Be a Soap Star, I've put myself on a reality show budget, and am currently trying to decide if I want to spend it on Survivor, the Amazing Race or Project Runway - whenever that comes out. Decisions, decisions...