the biggest fall fashion post ever

I've been thinking about it for weeks - and shift/apple/4'd dozens of pictures - and then was inspired by Susan Wagner.
So, this year, as we look at fall fashion together let's keep in mind that we don't need to buy any of these items. You can if you like, but I'm on a tight budget and may only buy these -

green croc

Just thank your lucky stars I didn't say these -

winter croc

Yes. Winter Yeti Crocs.
They're a little over the top for me, but I'll bet they'll sell very well.
Crocs has these too now -

<span class=

they are 'sueded,' which I'm pretty sure still means plastic.

Anyway, Crocs are $30 - $40, so I might go for it.

Susan posted this photo:

<span class=

as an outfit for fall which inspires her.
I like it very much, and who doesn't have these pieces? Or, wait, who doesn't have a printed skirt, a long sweater and a car coat?
It's from J Crew.
As is this -

<span class=

This one excites me because I always see dresses like this one (we call them jumpers) at my favorite thrift shop. Truth be told, I am too old for a jumper - but I do have a J. Peterman wool dress, which needs to be chopped at the knee, that looks exactly like this. Off to the tailor for me.

RW linked to Pink Tartan one day not so long ago. Pink Tartan has very pretty things.

pink tartan <span class=

Do you have a coat you could put new buttons on?
What about fingerless gloves? They were very popular last year...

jacket and skirt

I have a jacket like this and I never think to put a belt over it. I've got a skirt like that too.

<span class=

I've been looking a lot like this this year. Yes, I dress like a 6 year old french child.

Still, I'm admiring this.

cashmere cape

It's cashmere and probably a gajillion dollars, which is okay because no one I know could wear it in real life. (Oh! My tall slim cousin could totally pull it off.)

gray top

Much more ME. I think it's from Old Navy - I've lost track.

for <span class=

This is for Wendy. Those are her colors. She won't have to shop for it though. She can whip this blouse up in half an hour.

purple top

I think it's going to take a while for the whole tunic thing to pass.
I like tunics. They are easy to wear. But for trendy stuff like this I wouldn't pay a lot. At some point we are all going to look at these faux maternity tops and think: gah! so summer of '07.


The same thing is true for trapeze jackets, which I like very much. I like them far better than their predecessor. Remember those awful shrunken blazers from last year?
How can anyone be comfortable in them? How do you wear them over your tunic?


These dresses are everywhere. Comfy and soft and, I think, good looking on all kinds of shapes.

Had enough yet? I'M NOT DONE.


Another jumper. Nice detailing. I like the idea of wearing a pattern underneath it.

Let's go window shopping at Phillip Lim. I like everything he does.


<span class=


<span class=

white dress2

<span class=

I like these the best -

<span class=

But they are all fantasy clothes.
Fun to look at, but, for one thing, I'd need to be taller.
Nice looks to aspire to -

yellow bag

Cute bag. I'm guessing it's from the same company that did my blue bag and my teeny yellowish bag. And that would translate to delicious leather. Anthro.

Free People is showing lots of layers. I like layers.
I like this small vest, which would probably just look like a normal vest on ME.

little vest

I didn't like other shots FP had of layers -

bad layers

somehow, this doesn't appeal to me. She looks like she's got two tops on. And I KNOW that's the point, but somehow this doesn't do it for me.

<span class=

At Anthroplogie's website there is a chart for making your own layered look.
Of course it all adds up to hundreds of dollars for just your top half, but it does serve as decent inspiration - if I can remember to look there when the weather turns.

back of <span class=



I'll segue into jewelry.
I think I'd have to take this off a lot during the day - that little cloth would be ruined in minutes.

black ring

Much more practical.
And it matches my cold black heart, right Anonymous? (I'm such an instigator.)

My parting shot -

free people free breasts

I don't have to buy a THING.


Anonymous said…
There's one shop here...I am thinking you are going to like it a LOT.
I am not going to comment the cold black heart.
That IS pathetic.
She She said…
I love the faux maternity tops, but when I try them on I just look maternal. Sigh. To be 21 again and able to wear anything...

I do like your taste, though.
RW said…
That was a lovely way to end August.

Enjoy your week - end.
Anonymous said…
The A-line shapes?
That's London, 1962.
Courreges, the designer.
Twiggy, the model who wore that shape well.
So did Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.
But these maternity tops?
A thousand times nay.
I didn't like it one bit when I had to wear them, and I don't like them any better now.

I dressed preppy preppy preppy. So did everyone else.
It might be said and rightly so that I still do.
(except now I have no jeans since I purged my closet of all of them two days ago when I was whining to you about them--be gone with you, said I, and I took them to the nearest church that was accepting clothes.

So now I just have khakis.
A white shirt.
A belt that's only 1 1/2 inches wide
Driving mocs
Oh: and my tennis sweater for chilly nights on the lake.

I've never owned crocs and I probably won't.
Although I do like the ones with the fur on them, wouldn't you just know.
Pretty ris-kay, n'est-ce pas?

paula preppy
tut-tut said…
Put that Semi-Homemade woman in the last one. Then run for the hills (or away from them, as the case may be) . . .
Poppy B. said…
I'm with Paula Preppy. Give me the khakis and the driving mocs and I'm good.

Ok, I'll wear a shirt, too. Sheesh.

Speaking of shirts, that last picture just woke up kilowatt hour's baby.
I've actually ordered a pair of those Crocs ballet flat mary janes in black. We'll see how they look in real life and how they feel.

Otherwise, my fall wardrobe will be mostly black and khaki with occasional touches of denim. So, same as Fall '06 and Fall '05 and ...
Anonymous said…
I love the jumper. That really was very fun (window-shopping). Thanks!
Susan said…
I want to lick that black Philip Lim dress.

And I love this post.
BabelBabe said…
i love that blue dress.

but that blue sweater combo? If it bunches up and makes the model look fat and nubby, imagine what it would do to me?
Anonymous said…
Promise you won't go all Twiggy on us with the excessive black eye makeup like the Pink Tartan model. Been there, done that, it wasn't that attractive in 1966, either.

But the shoes in the photo of the camel divided skirt? I would kill for those. Except I'd need a whole new wardrobe to wear them with.

Thus endeth the advice from the the northwoods fashionista for whom jeans, tank, and flannel shirt all clean at the same time = her highest aspiration.
MizMell said…
I'm not much for the smock tops or "maternity-like" tops. It reminds me of the stuff I wore in the 70s--and I*'m not a teenager anymore.
I'm down for some 100% cotton anything, including jeans. I've had my fill of Lycra and spandex and polyester and imported vinyl. I think its time for some REAL clothes.
Of course I realize it's each to his own...
Anonymous said…
You're right, I love the colors and the print of that top, but I fear I would definitely be asked when I was due in it.

I have about 3 or 4 different patterns for a cute little trapeze or other 60's inspired jacket. If I could only find the fabrics in your pictures so easily. We'll see if it gets made before next fall rolls around.
Emery Jo said…
oh lordy I love ALL of this (except maybe the crocs) and I am so THRILLED with the opaque tights and the delicious ankle boots that are all over the place this Fall. You have impeccable taste.
Unknown said…
I've already been to Dicks searching for the Yeti Crocs. I really have. I want them in black with the black faux fur. I will wear them every day and think of you.
Anonymous said…
I have the mary jane crocs. They don't have the arch support in exactly the same place as the "normal" crocs, but they look a little less ugly than the normal crocs.
Unknown said…
I would have liked to have the tits on that last model about ten years ago. Now I'm ok with what i've got.

That was REALLY fun. You saved me some big bucks. Thank you. I'm rethinking the fall season.
kt said…
The Philip Lim model is just scary.

(Goes to fridge for Gazela wine (as it's still 1400 degrees in Arizona), drinks and hides under bed)
Anonymous said…
I thought you gated crocs!?! When guys talk about womens clothes, and you know we do ALL the time, (yeah, right!) those ugly plastic shoes usually get a thumbs down. I was recently in a hospital emergency room, and guess what the big, fat, gay acting boy nurse was wearing? You guessed it - big ugly white crocs. Think about that next time you want to wear them!
BTW, you know that white tissue paper that comes in a box of new shoes? Don't you think that white dress with the wide black belt looks like thats what its made of? And the top of that tissue paper burrito looks like short stubby fingers holding her breasts?
Don't mean to be rude but its been a long week all around...
Scot, you know, from Colorado
islaygirl said…
i have tried on the mary jane crocs. i was not in love with them, comfort wise. they were marginally less ugly than the regular ones, but since they weren't ventilated i was afraid they'd make my feet sweat.

not that you need to know about my sweaty feet. and where is that ring from, the gold one?
KPB said…
G'AH! All those pinnies (pinafores) all that sinched in high waisted, wide belted pants, skirts and indeed collotes. ALL the maternity tops. It is enough to send me screaming to the hills. Is there any hope for the barrel-shaped women like me?
Becca said…
Love your style!

I'm definitely over the maternity top look having been pregnant for most of the last year! Crocs has some really cute flip flop style shoes on their site, but I can't seem to find them in a store to try them on.
Alice said…
I am inspired and going shopping immediately....